Basis Calibrator base - worth it?

Using a 2200 signature - without the base currently...
Good question. The Base optimizes the suspension and permits use of the cable isolator. I bought my 2001 with the base because it was the only way I could use it on a wall shelf. The motor would have had no place to sit without it. If I didn't need the base, I definitely would have gone for the 2200 and upgraded later. It also lets you move the table as one unit, without removing the feet or the motor. Frankly, in the world of high-end, $2K doesn't buy that much, so in that context, I think it's worth it. It also looks very cool, which is part of the experience, IMO. Frankly, I'm not much for screwing around with A/B comparisons, so I never bothered to compare the sound with and without the base.
I just noticed you are not using the Vector arm, so I don't think you can use the cable isolator. I still think it's a nice addition if you're not too stretched.
Thanks Chayro, great point and feedback. i do believe you can use the base w/o a vector, at least a reviewer at the basis site did.
chayro - misread - you are correct. my hadcock has a captive cord.
Thanks Chayro, great point and feedback. i do believe you can use the base w/o a vector, at least a reviewer at the basis site did.
come on Basis owners,,,represent!
A friend had his Basis 2500 Sig on a Vibraplane that sounded UNBELEIVEABLE . You could deflate the vibraplane and the entire soundstage collapsed.
I had a Basis 2500 Signature for about 6 years. I bought the Calibrator base and dustcover abou 6 months after I bought the table/arm. I agree with Chayro, it does make moving the table easier, and the cable isolater was nice for my Vector tonearm. However, I can not really say that it made an audible difference. When first inserted I thought that it did, but after much reflection, I think I only heard wishful thinking. I cannot say that the Base made as much of a diffference as my Walker Motor Controller did for around the same price (the Walker was actually cheaper).

Only you can decide whether it's worth it Pops. How much are you expecting for $2K? If your expecting a significant improvement, I'd say forget about it. If your just looking for a cool platform where the pods and motor drop perfectly into place....go for it.
I was a Basis dealer for a few years.

I would not spend $2K of my money on the calibrator base.

thanks guys, jmc and Bill, my thoughts as my 2200 and thought completely tricking it out might be something I was missing....just a cool platform.
I have the 2200 sig. and added the base a year later. I don't think it improved the sonics...but is sure improved the look. It may have added to the isolation from my less than ideal table position. My table is at 5'7" in a display cabinet that is a solid piece of funiture but tends to telegraph vibration from the floor (anyone walking by). In fact it amplifies the floor movement. When I do finally talk my wife into a better location at least I can move it without much hassel.