Basis bearing lube - Debut and Ovation

Yes I have both. I have done a search for Basis recommended bearing lube but found only general discussions. What does basis/ AJ Conti recommend for lubrication of the bearings on these tables? There are many discussions on lube but I cant find anything they recommend. I had to take them apart for a move. With the CES going on, I doubt I will get a speedy answer from Basis (as I have emailed another question earlier with no response). I love my turntables but find the lack of manuals or technical information about maintenance on the Basis site a little frustrating.Thanks
They told me to do it every few years but didn't specify an oil type.The Isokinetic web site in England has some for the Linn tables and I think that would work. I have both an LP12 and a 2001 and am going to use the Linn oil on the Basis myself.But that is only my opinion; not Basis.
Why do you feel your ‘tables requires lubricating?

In standard everyday use the Ovations and Debuts don't require lubrication. I never lubed my Ovation nor my Debuts even after removing the platter from the 'table and moving them. Nor did the Ovation and my 1st Debut require lubricating after shipping them to their new owners.

Unless there was something freaky that occurred to the ‘tables during your move go ahead and install the platters and play some tunes.

Sounds like you got your 'tables used and the former owners did not include the manuals. Due to a recent move I may not be able to locate my Debut manual. I'll give a quick look tomorrow and should I locate it drop you a line. And happy to xerox the manual should I find it.
My response was based on a conversation with Basis [not with AJ but with someone in the office]. It applied to my 2001 and I extrapolated to the Ovation. I use to have one[Ovation] myself but didn't get around to checking on lubeing it as I was quite inactive in audio during most of the time I owned it.The 2001 manual does not mention lube either if I remember correctly.
Howdy Linnlp12. I emailed you additional information.
I recently sent my Debut bearing to A.J. for servicing.
It is 10+ years old.
He took it apart, applied a micro-hone technique, updated the thrust configuration and sent it back for not too much money.
He also checked over the platter concentricity when mounted on the bearing.
Now the bearing is UTD and works like a charm. Dead Quiet!
Factory service or change your own oil? On something this high performance it seems sensible to me to have it looked at by the manufacturer. Oil is not the whole picture at all.
Basis has their own oil, why mix when you can get OEM for cheap.
Refloating from the depth this thread to avoid opening a new one with pretty much the same issues:

I wonder if anyone can point at me how to check/fill in the oil in the bearing house on a Basis Debut TT?

I have the original manual but it does not mention anything at all about how to check it/refill after mounting the ttable after an overseas trip (duly dismantled as per Basis’s instructions).
Thanks all in advance!
Brgds, Marcelo
The factory is very responsive to phone calls, email and can provide instructions and proper oil as they have done for my table
let me know via PM if you need email
But it is on Basis website
Or try Randy at Optimal Enchantment in Santa Monica, CA, USA pacific time zone
one of largest Basis dealers in world
great guy

Thank you Jim! I'll try that route!
BRgds, Marcelo