Basis Audio Super Platter

Would appreciate comments by those who have direct experience comparing the Basis Inspiration with standard acrylic platter vs. the Super Platter upgrade and/or with Transcendence. Trying to get a fix on what the new metal Super Platter is contributing/not contributing to the sound.
Randy. at Optimal Enchantment in Santa Monica could probably explain it BASIS sound I have heard...
Hello Rvlardon. I have some brief info about the Super Platter. I received the following details about the Super Platter from AJ shortly before his passing. Also, I've talked to a couple of people who own the Transcendence and they are in bliss.

Sounds like you own an Inspiration. If you have yet to upgrade to a SuperArm it would be worthwhile to hear one at a dealer as that would be a significant upgrade sonically. Although my Vector is a superb tonearm, and I have owned a couple of pricey AirTangents, the SuperArm is in an entirely different ballgame.

"My work most often is toward reducing resonances and in this case (with the Super Platter) it is the record where we are reducing resonance, by more effectively getting that energy out of the record where it can be damped.

This new platter does that, and the result is a less frenzied, confused sound. Every sound source, instrument or vocal, stands on its own, naturally separated from the other instruments and voices, with everything being more detailed yet more natural. I don't want to live without it, I notice when it's gone, even a month later."

Jwm: That appears to be a fantastic room you have for audio! The best place to answer your question per the Super Platter on a Debut is direct to Basis Audio.

Following up on tomic601's post about a west coast contact, for those near the east coast I heard that Goodwins High End, located in a Boston suburb, has a Transcendence on display. Likely Alan Goodwin could address questions about the Super Platter and the Transcendence.