Basis Audio Super Arm 9

Seeing a few posts on this amazing tonearm. Just installed my Super Arm 9 on my Debut table... Loving it!
That is exciting. Could you write a few words comparing it to the Vector 4 tonearm.

I had a Basis 2000 turntable with a Rega tonearm, it was a revelation, and major improvement, when I replaced the Rega with a Basis Vector 3.
Started with a Graham Phantom, then traded up to the Vector 4. The Vector was a more natural sounding arm in my system.

Super Arm 9 , has deep defined articulate bass. Larger sound stage,musical instruments have a lot more body and are properly placed in the sound field. Vocals larger, more emotional vibrato. Much less listening fatigue, very smooth sounding,yet still has lots of detail. This arm draws you into the music like no other.

My Dyavector Xv1 t... has never sounded better.
Thanks for the information. I will start putting money in the piggy bank.
I live in Dayton Ohio and would like to know where you purchased you arm as their are no dealers in Ohio. I own the Basis 2800
I bought my Basis Super Arm 9 from Optimal Enchantment in California.

Overture Audio is also an option too.
I hate you guys! :)
Anyone upgrading to SA9 from a Graham Phantom II Supreme?
I had a Graham Phantom II... my Vector 4 killed it. I then moved on to the SA9.
I had the Graham 2.0 and the Vector also killed it. The Graham was thin and bright. I moved to the SA9 and I'm in a totally different dimension. All I can say is wow and yes its worth every penny.
Darnit! Better buy an extra lotto ticket today! The Vector 4 was a big difference maker on my Basis 2200 Sig, I can imagine how the SA9 would even further improve things.
Pops as great as the Vector is the SA9 is so much better its hard to comprehend.
So how much does the SA9 cost? And has anyone compared it to a current version Triplanar?
SA9 cost 14K.
SA9 are now 15.9 K
A customer just ordered a Kuzma 4Point to replace his Phantom II, to be mounted on his Basis Debut with a custom adapter I designed. Can't wait for his reaction and figure he'll be losing a lot of sleep :)
Buy one before it goes up again! I'll stick with the Vector for now. Once you get into that amount of money, it's a difficult decision to figure out how to best spend $15K upgrading. New cartridge, new cables, new phono preamp - new speakers? Or the new arm.
Randy Cooley of Optimal Enchantment in Santa Monica is bringing my Basis Super Arm 9 out for installation this Friday. My table is a Basis Debut (fully loaded), electronics is Aesthetix IO, and Atlas Sig monos plus the wonderful
Vandersteen Model 7 speakers. The Atlas mono blocs have high grade teflon caps in the high pass filter which stays charged at all times in stand- by mode thus, I don't need the outboard HP filter. Thanks to Jwm for helping to make me little light on cash this month/year. Those who know at the Newport Show said this is the best arm on the planet and that the arm/ cartridge is actually more important than the TT. I am very excited about this upgrade.
Chargerfan, I don't feel guilty because I know you will be thanking me and will be in sonic bliss for a long time. The best Jeff
I'll report back this weekend on what I hear with this arm. And thanks Jeff.
You were one of those who really influenced my decision on this purchase.
Just got this arm as well and it is staggeringly good.
A thread full of worthless blubber.... but run, don't wait, avoid the next price increase...try to get a better rate for group buy...
Listen no one said this was cheap. Everything in high end audio today is way over priced. Its seams like speakers start at 10,000,00 and electronics above 20,000 and more. Fifteen years ago a 5,000.00 speaker was crazy.
Jwm- When describing the Super Arm 9, sonic bliss is an understatement. I have never experienced an upgrade like this in any system I have owned. I won't go into all of the sonic benefits of this arm because I could spend most of the day doing so. Many thanks to Jwm, Jebsmith73, and others who posted on various forums about this product. If you own a Basis table, somehow you must put this arm on it. Once you hear what it can do you will figure out a way to get it. I did and it was worth every cent that i ponied up. Those of you who posted on this subject please accept my gratitude for doing so. A brotherhood of Super Arm 9 owners.
Chargerfan, I agree with you 100% about this being the best upgrade I ever made. This arm is so revealing, but in a musical and not analytical manner.
What about effective mass and cartridge options for this arm?
Hi gang, 

Randy from Optimal enchantment is coming over tomorrow to install my Superarm 9 (I currently have the vector 4 on a 2200 signature with Lyra Etna).  For all you superarm owners, do you have a cartridge recommendation?  The Etna is a wonderful cartridge with incredible mid range but there are cartridges with sweeter highs and richer lows out there (like the Lyra Atlas). Wondering what you guys are using and if you have recommends as I'm about to my SA 9 adventure. Thanks in advance!

Congrats on your new Superarm.   I am using a transfiguration proteus on my vector 4 arm on a 2200 signature.  Great performer, on my system it is completely balanced.  Digs deep with great clarity.   It is a great match to either my Allnic 3000 or ARC ph 5.  

What phono pre are you using.?  

I went from the ZYX Universe II to the Miyahima Madake. It has Koetsu mids but extended top and bottom that Koestu never had.
Thanks, Pops, I'm certainly excited to say the least.  Although it's definitely a grip of coin, I'm confident that it's the best next upgrade especially since I have a Basis turntable.  I currently have an Audio Reasearch SP20 pre but will be moving to the Ref 10 soon.

Thanks, jwm - I know my question is rather subjective (like asking what cheese goes with this particular wine) since there are so many grand cartridge options out there these days.  Hearing from folks that have the superarm 9 on a Basis turntable and hearing why helps me hone the thoughts a bit.  Much appreciated.