Basis 2001

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me about this turntable. How does it compare to others in its price range? What arm (for less than $1000) would be best on it? What are good cartridge candidates? To go with Quad 988's. Thanks!
It's a very good turntable. Surely you know what I would suggest instead.
Just a little more information - it would be to replace a Linn LP12. It would sit upon a massive steel framed stand. I'm wondering whether this is a SIGNIFICANT step up, or more lateral.
I think it would be a fairly significant step up, in certain areas. The Linn is still a pretty good table, and you have to go some, if you want something that will "knock it off the shelf".

If you could have only read the email I got last Thursday from a member who compared his new Teres against his friend's Basis 2001. Looks like his friend will be replacing his Basis soon.

Whatever you do, even if you keep the Linn, or change, you will have a good sounding turntable in your system. Have fun with your upgrade.
I went from a full boat Linn front end, except for a Benz Ruby 2 cartridge, to a Basis 2500/Graham 2.2. I continued to use the Benz with my new set up. I made the switch because the local Linn dealer was going under and I was losing my tech, not because of sound. I wanted a system that I could set up and adjust myself, so service wouldn't be an issue.

My new unit turned out to be an upgrade. It floats a bigger and more percise image. It has tighter bass. It gives up nothing in musicality. I suspect much of the improvement is because of the arm, the Graham can be adjusted with more percison than the Ekos.

You can't go wrong with a Basis. You might explore the Robin arm. A cartridge is had to say, it depends on how much output you need and you musical priorities.