Basis 1400 vs Clearaudio Champion

I listen mostly to classical music and opera. I'm considering upgrade my system (presently using Rega P3) and found that these two TT falls in the same price range. I would like to know which one of the two TT (with Rega arm) sound better and more value for the money. Much appreciate if someone could advise.
clearaudio champion has wonderfull match with rega tonearm and has wonderfull sound
I own the Basis and it's match with the rega arm is like peanut butter and jelly. But seriously, it's a great table and with the external motor is also very quite. If I was going to upgrade this table I would look at the arm first. I've been told that there is an arm from Morch and also the Graham are amazing with this table. Best-Gary
Reviving this thread because these two tables are on my short (ha!) list. I'm curious to hear if anyone has heard both and can make comparisons on the sound (from what I recall, clearaudio is known to favor orchestral recordings over rock or jazz - is this wrong?).