Basis 1400 upgrade

Hi all,
I love my Basis 1400 and am wondering if there are any upgrades available for it?
The upgrade is to trade it in on a model 2000, 2001 or higher. Basis has a very liberal trade in policy. Please call for details.
Superior Sight & Sound
Go for it. I upgraded from a Basis 1400, w/RB300 arm to a Basis 2001, w/RB900 arm.
It really sounds better. Lower noise floor, better HF and LF extension, and almost no surface noise at all, which is what I like best about it. (Of course, some of this may be because of the better arm and cable, but the combo has a nice synergy.)

Good Luck!

PS The last time I coresponded with AJ, he told me that he was thinking that the upgrade of the 1400 could only be to the 2001, or higher, but he may have rethought that policy. Check with him. He is a really nice guy.