Basis 1400 TT...

Hello all - I have owned my table for the past 15 years and need a new tonearm to replace the rb250. Trying to get some ideas of other arms that would fit. Regards.
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if you decide you want the micrometer (invaluable for fine adjustment of VTA/SRA), it also is not offered on the Classic
That's not true.  It's a 90 Pound option and includes the VTA lock.

I would just opt for the Series 5, (which I did).  It's worth the extra money.  I also have a series 3 or 4, I can't remember which.

Even if you can't afford the series 5, the Classic is a hell of an arm. 
Oops, right you are Mofi! I was also mistaken about the finish---the shiny version is highly polished, not chromed. And I agree, the Classic is a ridiculous bargain of an arm---no need to feel bad if you can't afford the even better Series Five.
i know this thread is a bit old.
i have a 1400 with RB300 arm and some AJ wiring modifications on the way with a Benz Glider.

my plan is listen first but long term I know I will chamge the arm..

what did the Op end up doing ?
I am leaning to the appropriate Vector arm that fits but would love to get aTriplaner...if it fit ????

this vinyl addiction is throwing me off my a good way..ha

i should mention a ginko base and a Croft RIAA-R are in the chain into a REF5 se
Just get the Vector. It is a drop in replacement, and sounds fantastic. You will be very happy with the upgrade from the Rega. Make sure you get the correct Vector arm. I think you need a low cup height, but confirm with Basis to be sure.

Best Regards,

Jim Perry
thanks Jim
Basis has been wonderful to work with !!!