Basis 1400 TT vs Clearaudio Emotion

I have a chance to buy either one of these, and they are about $200 apart in price. Each comes with Tonearm and Cartridge...Clearaudio has Dynavector 4x, and comes with satisfy tonearm I believe.

The other is the Basis 1400 TT with Rega 250 arm and Clearaudio Aurum Alpha Cartridge.

Any feedback would be appreciated....I am getting back into vinyl, since CD's, even with upsampling, still sound like crap to me (I am a pianist, so I know a little bit about what instruments should sound like). Tough for me to audition these....I had heard the VPI Scout and loved that, but a wee bit rich for my blood.

My system is hybrid since I have to use it for audio and video. I am probably going to pickup the Anthem AVM 50 and their MCA 50 amp. So I will also have to buy a phone preamp, which I have not yet researched. Any help at all is appreciated.

Well, they are very similar turntables.
Both are well built, and have a similar sound.
Both are a little light in the bass dept., but otherwise a fine table for the money.
(I started out with the Basis 1400, with the RB300 arm, and my friend has the Clearaudio Champion, which I imagine is very similar to the Emotion.)
I liked it so much, that I naturally upgraded to the Basis 2001, with a RB900 arm.
The only real difference is that Basis is made in the USA, vs. Clearaudio being made in Germany. (I prefer to buy in the USA when I can.)
I have no opinion regarding the cartridges, having heard neither of them. I do know that the Benz Micro Glider II is not, IMHO, a good mate with the Basis 1400, as it is too analytical, at least to my tastes. I would recommend something like the Shelter 501, although this will require you to get a pretty good phono preamp, with plenty of gain. (Something I HIGHLY recommend anyway, since a good phono preamp is a requirement to getting good analog sound, IMHO.)

One other thing I highly recommend is getting a RCM, even a cheap one like a Nitty Gritty or a Record Doctor, or a DIY type. It will dramatically increase the enjoyment you get out of your TT.

Good Luck in your search!
Hi Mark, it's great you're getting back into vinyl, I just did and it trumps my digital front end by a large margin. Analog just sounds more natural and also seems to me to have a much wider range of resolution.

I bought a Basis 1400 sig, with an rb300 and sumiko blackbird cart. Sound is excellent, the table is beautiful, built very well...solid. Probably can't go wrong with either, I also got the ARC ph5 phono stage, don't skimp on your phono stage or you'll never get the full benefit of your table! Kurt is 100% correct with his rec to get a RCM, it makes all kinds of used albums enjoyable...good luck.