Basic Room treatment for Maggie 1.6QR's

What has the AudioGon community found to be important in room sound conditioning? I run Maggie 1.6 and would like any advice for tweaking the acoustics in my room? Planers radiate in both directions, so I assume you would not want to dampen behind the speakers???

You are right that planers need some reflection in the rear and quite often the rear wall design is very different than that for dynamic drivers, but beyond that your question is way too open ended. All rooms need a combination of absorption and diffusion and reflective surfaces. Specifically what they need and where it is needed depends on room size, speaker type, listening preferences, budget, aesthetics, geometry--well I think you get the point. We design rooms and no two are alike because there are so many variables. There is a tutorial on our website called the listening room. It should give you some ideas and help with some of the fundamentals of acoustical treatment and issues.
I own maggies 1.6 myself & other maggies for more than 10 years. I live in a basement apt in LI & the whole place has
paneled walls. I have echo busters behind the speakers & some dampning material on the side walls. To much absorption
will kill the sound & you will lose highs. Remember do everything in moderation & you will be much happier. I have
also tube equipment & naim front end which I use. Good luck & let me know what you think? Aoljer
Here is a link for magnepan tweaks: http://www.integracoustics/MUG/MUG/tweaks/index.html . The audioasylum planar speaker forum has great info for magnepans.