Basic Question fAbout a Preamp for Monoblock Amps

I am going to show my ignorance with this one.

I am close to buying a set of Adcom gfa 565 monoblocks to power my Maggie 1.7's. I am thinking to pair the monoblocks with a tubed preamp.

My question is about what kind of output terminals do I need on the back of the preamp? I suppose that I want two outputs with left and right terminal for each, correct?

What else is important to look for?

My second choice is an Adcom GFP 750.

Now you can provide me with your opinions!


no. you only need one set of outputs. right goes to the right amp, left to the left.
Very simple.
Purchase a good pair of ICs and you will be set.
Good to have two pairs of outputs: one pair for your speakers and one pair in case you end up with separate subwoofer(s). Even if today you don't have/think you'll need subs, at some point you might. Then you'll wish you had them.
Unless you run your subs from the speaker outputs as I do. Also you can use Y connectors as I did when I bi amped.
Thanks, this helps clear up a little bit of the mystery.