Basic Question about Power Cables


So I was thinking of changing out the stock power cable on my amp and one cable I was looking at said not to run more than 15amps through the cable. I'm not entirely sure how to approach that. How do I find from the specifications of my amp whether or not it violates that?
Simple. Look at the connection of the power cord to the amp... if it's a 15A IEC inlet, it will appear to look like a barn, or house... a 20A IEC will be flatly rectangular... the two corners won't be cut off as with the 15A.
Look where the IEC is on the amp and it will tell you its AC power consumption in watts. To put that number into amps do this easy math: Power in watts divided by 120 = power in amps. Also like Jim said If you have a 15A IEC you'll have vetrical blades whereas a 20A IEC has horizontal blades. Most have 15A.

On the back of your amp it should state the voltage and current draw - it should say something like "120 V 15 A". V = Volts, A = Amps.

It may, alternatively, have something like "120 V, 600 Watts". Since Watts = Volts * Amps, divide the Watts by the Volts and you get the Amps - 600/120 = 5 amps...

The above all assumes you're in the US with 120V supply. If you're elsewhere with a different mains voltage, make sure you use that figure for any calculations.

That said, your amp is unlikely to draw anywhere near 15amp; that would be 1800 Watts, assuming a 120V mains voltage.
Ah ok, thanks a lot ET and RW
And yes, I do live in the U.S. Thanks for the clarification as well Carl
Hi Guys,

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