Basic question about choosing an integrated amp

My old Denon AVR needs to be retired and I’d like to start listening to music again. I plan to retain my Paradigm Monitor 9’s and my Velodyne sub and just want to add an integrated amp. I do want to easily stream music and listen to my CDs. I have a separate system for the TV (and wise or not, Im ok with it). I was planning to get a CA CXA81 but then I was reading that it had no crossover capability. I did some reading and perhaps Im misinterpreting something but it seems like that matters? Now Im leaning toward the NAD C368 - also with easy streaming but with a high pass filter. As you can tell, Im not a sophisticated audiophile but I would like reasonable sound quality. Id appreciate any suggestions or explanations about why I might be on the wrong track. In advance - thank you.
How do you run your sub now? many with 2.1 channel audio run there mains full spectrum and set the crossover to supplement the bass.
I think the sensitivity is 90 db. As for turntable, thats a sensitive subject as I had a deep well maintained album collection until a flood destroyed everything so I'll have to make due with streaming and cds. I appreciate the suggestion. Im not under time pressure so Ill do some more research and change my focus. I tend to prefer a brighter sound so I'll look for clues in that direction. Im open to suggestions. Again - thank you.
How do I run my sub now? Simply put, I dont know. I've never done anything to directly address it. The sub used to be the focal point of a booming 5.1 setup in my former life. Ive since grown up.