Basic integrated amp for $700-$900

I’m thinking of selling my tube integrated amp to downsize my system to a more convenient form and function.
I’ll keep my Schiit Audio phono and DAC, so I’m looking for a basic line level 80-100 watt integrated amp with a Silver faceplate.
The Musical Fidelity M2si has my attention and is on sale. Is it any good, or should I look elsewhere?
The Vincent Audio SV 500 tube/SS is also on sale and has my attention too but is only 50 watts, but still may be doable.

What other recommendations do you have?
Pre-owned Exposure 3010S

Yamaha A-S801

Teac AI-1000

Pre-owned Sony TA-A1ES

I see that "Uncle Kevin" has bought up all remaining stock of the Musical Fidelity M2si and is selling them at a close-out price. At his close-out price, I think it would be hard to beat the M2si if it meets your needs for features and power. Otherwise, with a budget of $900 or less, I would probably look for a quality used integrated amp that originally retailed for $1500-$2000, but is for sale used at approx. 50% off the original retail.
I’ve gotta recommend Anthem I-225.  They’re great and I just picked mine up for $500!  Usually they’re around $800.

A few others...
-Nu Prime IDA 8 (Used)
-Peachtree 220 (new from Underwood hifi)
-Rogue Audio Sphinx (used)

I can vouch for the Vincent as I recently purchased that same amp, have had it a couple of months so far.
I think it sound great and is driving Martin Logan Motion 40's at 4ohms just fine, puts out around 80 watts with those speakers.
I was initially thinking it would not be enough power but I was pleasantly surprised that it's enough power for me and does not get that warm either.

I also like the looks of it.
My only gripe, when you turn it on, the volume knob has a red indicator that blinks as the tube section warms up and then the indicator turns off. I wish it would have stayed on so that you can have some indication from across the room as to what position your volume is at.

I don't use the onboard DAC as I have an external one.
Thanks for your suggestions so far. Remember I want integrated amp w/o DAC or Phono stage, with Silver faceplate (not too tall if possible). Looks like the Musical Fidelity or a used Exposure if available are closet to what I’m looking for. Vincent sounds great but didn’t realize it had an internal DAC. Since I have a new Schiit Audio DAC and Phono, I’d like to use these great sounding pieces.
With the Vincent, it's just a optical and coax in and you don't have to use it and it does not have a phono stage.
But I am sure the Musical Fidelity would also be nice.
You know its serious when you read, "with a silver face plate."
 There are some really nice integrated tube pieces in that price range. Hybrid or not.
"You know its serious when you read, "with a silver face plate." "

"There are some really nice integrated tube pieces in that price range. Hybrid or not."
Thanks, I’m actually moving from a tube integrated to a solid state amp, (optionally w/ a tube preamp section)
May I suggest the PS Audio Sprout 100.  It is small, silver, well built and sounds great for $599.
"Silver face plate". Is it about looks or sound? Maybe a silver place plate with the sound you prefer would fit the bill but why limit your options?
My main integrated is a Pioneer SA-9100, but the rotation includes an original Peachtree Audio Nova, Sansui G-3500, Yamaha CR-600 and one of these that I am recommending to you-

Outlaw Audio RR2160 
BTW, Uncle Kevin's closeout price for the Musical Fidelity M2si is $599. Where are you going find a better NEW integrated amp for that amount? If I were in the market for an integrated amp today, I would give it a try. Now, if I was going to actually spend up to $900, I would probably look for a higher value used integrated amp. 
Take a look at the Heed Elixir. I think it does have a phono stage, but you certainly don't have to use it.
Find a used or demo Rogue Sphinx
If you want something that's NOT made in China there's the Edwards Audio IA-1 RP and IA-2 RP integrated amps, made in the UK.  Both include a good MM phono stage and a (admittedly plastic) remote

Have you looked into a used Creek Evolution 50 or 100? They do show up here and there. I got an Evo 50 here on Agon not too long ago, and I absolutely love it. Just mentioning as I’ve also got a Schiit DAC and it pairs well with it. 
The Yamaha A-S801 (or A-S701 since you have an external DAC) has good, clean power and 100wpc.  I like Musical Fidelity as a brand, but I haven't heard the M2si.  I did like the M3i and the M6si quite a bit.  

I'd suggest buying from one of the online dealers that allow at least 30-day returns - Music Direct, Audio Advisor, Crutchfield.  

Good luck in your search,Scott
I pulled this from the archives. I have this unit for sale. Not the one form the archives. I am the original owner. and it is is in mint condition. If you have any more interest. Please notify me and I will send you updated photos.

[email protected] 
Seams like some good options out there.  Creek is a good suggestion for me, as well as used units at a higher initial price. I've just begun my search. I've fallen in love with my phono preamp and dac that I'm using w my tube amp and would like to continue using them. Though fewer available I feel I can get more bang for the buck w a basic line level integrated.
Marantz pm8006 can be had new on sale between 900 and 999, retail 1199. Its a great sounding amp with a neutral presentation. All analog and only avail in black in the US however. 
It depends on what sound signature you are after. That Vincent amp is not lush or tonally warm like a typical tube amp. At least not with the stock tube(s). It’s very detailed and feels like much more than 50 watts. My Rega amps had more of the valve sound. 
only avail in black in the US

This happens with so many brands. In Asia and Europe they offer a choice of black or silver but in the U.S. it's black or nothing. Very disappointing.
Ditto on the Musical Fidelity M2si from Upscale. Bought one last fall and could not be happier. Really don't think you can find a better bang for the buck in a new integrated! I use it with the Schiit Mani, Modi, & Vali. I've owned much, much more expensive separates over the years, but am very happy with this set up. I am with you on downsizing and simplifying. It's about enjoying the music, not obsessing over gear!  If you are looking used, then the options are wide open.

+1 on the Rogue Audio Sphinx - 1 or 2 . Version 1 is obviously  less costly and the phono was not nearly as quiet as the 2  . I have had and enjoyed both . Still have the 2 . You don't need the phono but maybe you will like the Rogue better and will sell the Schitt. If not then don't use it. Used it fits your budget and power needs. Runs cool and is as simplistic a line level gets. 
I agree Tlinkie.

Thanks Canerod for your personal endorsement of MF and simplifying too, plus the match with Schiit and MF products.

Firberger, though I thought about the Sphinx years ago, now I’m not sure I want an amp w/ class D amp and on board phono.

It's a little above your budget, however this amp smokes the Sphinx V2, and many others in the $1K category. It's not even close. I owned both for a fair amount of time. You have to step up to $2500 integrateds like the Parsound Halo to match the sound quality of these Sonys. These 39lb. beasts are built like tanks - even the bottom plate is thicker than that of some $5K integrateds, and I'd swear the binding posts rotate on ball bearings - the best binding posts I've used by far. The noise floor of these units (like many Japanese brands) is incredibly low, thanks to the floating ground design. You won't find that low a noise floor in 90% of other offerings (I went through an integrated swapping phase for almost 2 years). It meets all your criteria: silver face plate, no unecessary frills, no DAC or phono stage. Also allows for power-on via remote control - a feature you don't realize you want/need until you no longer have it. The same goes for remote volume control, any integrated that doesn't have that might as well be a paperweight IMO.

The only real downside is they run quite warm so they need plenty of venting space. 
Rega Brio, the new one that came out couple of years ago. Very analogue like sound. I use it in my attic system with Rega Dac-R and ProAc Tabellete 10 signature 
Is it a disadvantage if you get any integrated with an on board dac and phono stage?  Like, would you take a much lower quality silver face plate integrated for the same $ as a higher quality, better sounding integrated with an on board dac and black faceplate.

Are you aware that you don’t have to use the on board dac if you don’t want to?
I have turned into a big fan of the D series from NAD. I have the 3020D myself.

Pay particular attention to the versions, as some may or may not have the right inputs you seek.
That Sony does look interesting... I may have to try that one someday.

I strongly considered an Outlaw receiver as well.  It looks like a good bang for the buck component and it has bass management.

Checkout some reviews on the Nuprime IDA8.  $1000 new, small and looks great. Supposedly has great volume control and a dead silent background.  The on board Dac could sound better than your schitt dac (lol, I love schiit, big fan).

Last, I think something like that Sony or a Sphinx gets you a click up from a component like the MF listed.  
Thanks for everyone's suggestions. I will not be purchasing and amp w/ dac and phono onboard, because there is no reason to pay for these items that are average and won't be used. There are plenty of higher end integrateds w/o them so I'll probably look used or choose one of the few in my price range.