Basic Budget Bookshelf speakers

I bought a Yamaha WXA-50 amplifier for a spare bedroom.  I've got some cheap Polk Audio speakers hooked up now which sound meh. I've got some older Klipsche reference bookshelf speakers in my garage system I could swap with them but I think I'd rather get an inexpensive pair of bookshelf's and ditch the Polks.
I'm looking at the KEF Q150's and 350's as well as some low end Martin Logans. Is there anything else I should be considering?
I have the Kef Q150 (msrp 600) and also the Triangle Borea BR02 (msrp 449).  I prefer the Triangle, even though they cost less.  The Kefs are good as well, but are not as good in the treble as the Triangles are, to me anyway.  I am using a Marantz integrated amp, which is a bit on the warmer side, so perhaps that is why the Triangles sound better. Bass wise, I would say both are comparable.  I use a sub.  They are 12 inch bookshelf speakers after all. 

Not sure about the Yamaha amp as far as its sonic signature.  If it is on the brighter side maybe the Kefs would be nice with it.  If it is neutral or warm, I'd go Triangle.  Audio Art Cables sells the Triangles, often at a discount of 10%, sometimes 15%, so they come in at $400 or less.  That said, the Q150 can often be found at half price as well.
BIC America dv-62si bookshelf pair. 
  With a sub added, these little speakers are quite unbeatable. 
  Own a pair from the mid 90’s, still great, sound amazing!

   The cabinets are a little empty, so I filled them with some old scrap carpet padding, much better. As well as the dv-64 tower speakers, filled them with a bunch of wadded together t-shirts. Did help a lot!

  Try them out, 
The Rega R1 Loudspeaker  A New Budget Reference

“ .... Immediate impressions are a clear and transparent portrayal with very high detail retrieval, fast and controlled transient response, and superb musical timing, both in articulating rhythms and tempi, and in placing instruments within the temporal flow and context of the performance. The RR125 is an outstanding mid/bass driver, sonically and musically right in line with the midrange performance of Rega’s amplifiers and phono cartridges. Get the midrange right and everything else will fall into place. Get it wrong, and all the king’s horses…

The Rega R1 becomes my new budget reference speaker. In addition of its ability to get the fundamentals of music right, it adds clarity and resolution, and an ability to lay out a vivid and coherent 3-dimensional stereo image. In small room applications, what more could you want? - Paul Szabady ....”
Canton makes nice speakers and they have some in a similar price range of those you mentioned at  Accessories4less
The Silverline Minuet Supreme Plus is $699/pr and look and sound great, and they don’t require a lot of power so your Yammy should work fine with them.  Best of luck. 
How about Wharfedale. Model of stand mount dependent on room size, budget. They are relatively easy to drive, can be found within a budget between $200 - $500 (Music Direct a good source), attractive at their price point, and a good match for your amplifier.


JBL 630 at $700 per pair would be in my list. Having heard the older 530s and similar kefs I would guess the JBL is more dynamic top to bottom. Just a guess as I have not heard them but have heard both brands speaker ranges. 60 day trial available from a few places online.

there are about 30 brands with good, inexpensive hifi bookshelf speakers. I can send you a list.

I know the OP was quite some time back, one fairly inexpensive speaker that I am sure flies under most radar-or maybe never even heard of, that I heard fairly recently, the Human Speakers Model 81. Less than 700 bucks new, really enjoyed it. Well worth getting a listen, and I think there might even be a trial period with them?