Basic audio info book?

Hey guys!...Could someone suggest a basic, easy to understand book on high end audio for me to use as a reference guide?
I've always had an interest in audio my whole life, but NOW I want to truly get "into it" deeper, with a better understanding of how to build a quality system.
Thanks again for your help!
Better Sound by Jim Smith is a great place to start.
Robert Harley's books, too...
"Good Sound" by Laura Dearborn.
Also take a look at the many systems for view here. Many Audiogon members have spent much time and resources putting their systems together.
Ditto on the Robert Harley's books. Good the novice and the experienced.
Thank you ALL for your input! I'm learning a lot AND enjoying this site!
Snap309, welcome!. Just be careful. If you have not already done so, you can look up one day having spent many thousands of dollars here without realizing your goals.
Hey Foster_9...
You are sooo right! I used to buy all my friends hi-end gear for half price for YRS...but it was a "Never ending" process that got me caught up in the thought process of-"the more expensive the unit- the more better it HAS to sound!!" But I found out thru the years, that its not totally I want to just enjoy what I have instead of searching "out there" for more.
To further your interest I'd suggest you further you education; pick up Dr Floyd Toole's book and as one guy said, it's like the bible in that you'll want to read it again and again to get more and more out of it.

Also check out Toole's protégée Dr. Sean Olive who has a most interesting blog of ongoing research projects at Harman Int'l found here:

Lastly, no book list would be complete without F. Alton Everest's book "Master Handbook of Acoustics"