Basic 2-channel A/V setup: Analog or HDMI?

I just purchased my first TV in many years (I watch a lot of movies while riding my rollers in the winter).I need to get a decent DVD player: my $50 special looked OK on the old 20" TV, but not on this one (a 42" LCD Plasma). I already have a Sony 9000es with VSE Level 6 mods for my audio setup, but it only has analog outputs. Would I be better served by purchasing a newer 9100es with the HDMI output? I realize that a stock machine won't match the sonics of my VSE-modded Sony, but the DVD playback is primarily what I am interested in with this system. I am keeping my main rig for audio playback.
I think which ever DVDP you get could depend on how you want to integrate it into your systemm... you left that part out.

If you have HDMI in your receiver/processor or just in the TV, I'd look for one which has that. It's simpler and cheaper by far. Especially if the run to the TV from DVDP is lengthy and the only way you wish to integrate the player to your new plasma and just let the TV provide the sound.

HDMI 1.3A> IS the WAY TO GO FOR A/V no question. I'd also check to see if all the outputs are hot simultaneously. Meaning HDMI can be connected as well as analog audio outs so your pre or proc can provide sound instead of just the TV... it's just more fun that way.

I never watch TV any more and just let the tV give me the audio, except when watching the news or ESPN news. All my video is connected to some sort of audio amp & 2 or more squeakers. Oppo's DVDPs allow for that, I don't know about Sony's.
I just did an A/B with HDMI vs Component (RGB) both into a samsung 40". We couldn't tell the difference from 5-10 feet away. Your old Sony is nice and should suffice in my opinion. Why upgrade for 1 feature if you like it otherwise.
Okay, thanks!

Unfortunately, I think my VSE mods disabled the DVD playback feature on my unit! I will have to get another non-modded unit. It shouldn't be hard, they seem to be available for $200 and plentiful.
Dawgcatching, the DVD playback *should* still be active on that unit. Check the settings, as there are a number of different ways that you can turn off the video output, and it could be that one of those functions is on.