Bash amp repair?

The 1500w Bash amp in my Talon Roc 2002 sub has given up the ghost. Talon recommended that I replace it with a Dayton. Unfortunately, the Dayton won't fit in the cut-out. It will be difficult to modify the cut-out w/o damaging the structure of the chamber. Bash Audio doesn't seem to be around anymore. Can anybody recommend a place that can repair it? Since the plate amp is so light, it shouldn't be an issue to ship it.
Bash Amplifier

Best of luck

I can repair it. Contact me at or call my cell 973-487-6619. In am in New Jersey.
With a schematic its possible to repair this amp. Problem is, the technology behind this kind of amps was developed by a canadian company, which was bought by a chinese company. They disappeared.
If bigkidz is able to repair it, thats good news!
I won't need the schematic to do the repair.