Base for Verdier La Platine

I'd like to ask if someone suggests a specific base to be placed under a Platine Verdier turntable.
I don't think so. Maybe you could email the UK distributor, Graham Tricker at GT Audio ( He's always really happy top answer queries and give advice.

I just use mine on a large solid oak table - works fine on that. That has a better WAF factor than some technical rack.

Charlie Chan
Cheltenham, UK
Hi Thomasheisig,

Do you know where I can find a Vibraplane in Europe? Do you suggest a passive or active one? Is it difficult the set up?
I bought them from SOS, a very good transaction. In Europe they are very rare, I think, you will need VERY much time to find one there.
I have 2 passive ones, they work excellent and are reliable. It is a very simple set up. I think, the last pump into the lines is 3 months ago, and I have a very heavy turntable.
Are there other suggestions?
Thank you.
I second the Vibraplane ( I have one too) although Minus-K makes a platform that is said to be better than the vibraplane.
not particular base to recommend, but i really recommend to put all on the same base, and get the motordrive as close as possible and any thread, wire or tape as short as possible. the farther away and thus longer the thread the more resonance and vibration is introduced and this equals speed problems etc.
For Verdier a slate base seems very nice. Better than granite anyway.