Base for an SP10?

Any handy audiophiles have any suggestions for constructing a base for a Technics SP10? The actual broadcast base manufactured by McCurdy is probably effective but just too big and ugly for home use. A big hunk of marble perhaps cut to order from a local shop? I think Technics did make a obsidian base for home use but I've never seen one. Love to buy one if it exsists.
Marble, man! I just got a used marble cutting board for my Technics SL-1200. It's over 5/8" thick and only $15! My suggestion is to go to a shop and buy lower quality marble. The SP10 is rather large. Make yourself a sandbox...
i have heard of quite a few people area having greate success with corian (countertop material)!Pretty inexpensive too>
Corian is not'll agree the moment your wife wants a new kitchen countertop!

Marble and slate are much better materials. There's no way Corian could match my marble base. One of the new synthetics for cabinetwork actually has mineral content and plastic. Can't remember the name...