Barometric pressure, temperature, moon phase?

I’m off work tomorrow, made sausage and peppers for dinner, and now I’m enjoying a Sazerac on a beautiful summer evening, listening to Joni Mitchell.  All is right with the world, at least at my house.  But...  the stereo sounds ever so slightly, not quite there.  It did the other day, but tonight, it’s missing some tiny bit of something.  Has this ever been experienced by any of you out there?  One day magnificent, another day, just ever so slightly not quite as good.  Atmospheric conditions?  Mood? Magnets?  Thoughts?
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I was an analyst for the ISEE (International Sun-Earth Explorer) -C scientific satellite 🛰 that was station kept at the Lagrange point a million miles away from Earth where it collected high energy physics data. At the end of its mission ISEE-C was directed into a slingshot maneuver around the sun, to gather momentum, a maneuver duplicated in the movie The Martian. From there ISEE-C was directed to rendezvous with a comet ☄️- Comet Giacobini–Zinner - that happened to be in the neighborhood. That maneuver was also duplicated in The Martian when the crew rescued Matt Damon. I also was a senior mathematician at NASA analyzing radar tracking data. I also won the paper airplane distance contest at Lockheed Martin.
Your system has what I call a cold. Lol. High humidity, static electricity in your cables or dirty power. It could be your mood. Music always sounds better when your happy.