Barnes and Noble 50% off Vinyl Sale!!!

I was wandering around B&N looking for a couple of books and decided to check out the vinyl section.

They are running a 50% off sale on HUNDREDS of titles. I was really impressed with the amount they had for 50% off. Needless to say, I spent well over $100.

AFAIK, the 50% off on vinyl is IN STORE ONLY.

So hurry to your local B&N to score some great LPs...
Thx mofi.
Unfortunately our store traditionally has a terrible selection of vinyl but still I will call in the morning.
You never know.
Thanks for the heads up mofi.  I rarely go there, but I have picked up a few records there from time to time.  I'll try to swing by tomorrow.
@tubegroover, @uberwaltz, pleasure.  I don't usually associate B&N with any type of vinyl selection either.  I haven't been to a B&N for quite awhile now.

I live in a small town, but pretty close to a couple of larger cities.  The first B&N I was in today, had 200-300 titles and the second one, probably close to 500!  I was flabbergasted by the amount.

Hopefully you guys will find a few...I did.  Spent almost all my Christmas money on vinyl :-)
The one thing that's kind of cool about Barnes and Noble is they have exclusive pressings of some titles, often on colored vinyl.  I know it's a gimmick, but I'm a sucker for it.  Not too long ago I picked up a copy of Beck's Hyperspace on red vinyl.
Oh I already spent all my Xmas money ... and more.... Lol.

But what's a few dollars more!

Will let you know if I find anything good!
The last time I went to my B&N, they had a descent selection of new vinyl. I may head over there?

I noticed millennials perusing through there vinyl stock, seemingly interested, but in the end they had no respect for what was right before them.
A while back I picked up the latest Marty Stuart album there, a Barnes & Noble exclusive with signatures on the cover by Marty and his band members. 
Well, I'm back! B&N isn't far from me, and when I hear 50% new vinyl, my Spidy Senses kick in. So, there wasn't much to choose from in my store and I'd say out of the stock they had, 10% was 50% off. Here's what I came away with:

Diana Krall "Turn up the Quiet"  Verve/2017
KT Tunstall "Kim"  Caroline Records..can't see the date
Paul McCartney "Flowers in the Dirt" re-mastered w/ extra tracks @ Abbey Road
M. Ward "More Rain"  Merge/2016

Thanks Mofi!
Went in the store.
Good selection of vinyl.
But I did not see any signs about 50% off.
So I asked an associate who said there was no 50% off sale.

Then I realized.....
I was in Books A Million......

Will try Barnes and Noble this afternoon, maybe have better luck.......
Stuck in high gear my friend!

Well much more fruitful trip this time.
Was actually a great experience as I started chatting to a couple next to me who were perusing the 50% off albums and found we both heard about it from this very thread so got to meet a fellow audiogoner in the flesh so to speak. Oh and he is a car nut as well... good times indeed!

Got myself 8 albums at a shade under $100 inc tax, not too bad imho.

But the best part, and now I think on it must be 5 years since I visited!, is that it is a very nice store for music indeed.
One complete section nicely done dedicated to music and movies, lots and lots of vinyl, cds, and even some cassettes!

They have come a long way indeed but it does all look very new so I suspect a makeover at our store recently.

I will not be a stranger for so long next time.
Thanks again Mofi!