"Barn find" Original Thorens TD 125 LB! Advice on Cart...

Hello all first time poster here...Have sold a couple things but never posted.  So here is the story:  It appears all my hours of hawking Craigslist has finally paid off!  Don't get me wrong I have always been lucky here and there but recently I hit the mother lode!  I found an original Thorens TD 125 LB (YES LONG BASE)...Not a replica but the real thing, with an SME 3012 attached!  It is all original and I would say it's what car guys call a "daily driver" (I know because I'm a car guy) EVERYTHING works as it should and is all there, albeit 45 +/- years old.  Anyway, the table is off to be "rebuilt & restored" by a 30 year pro with high end classics such as this...My question is what can you folks recommend as a very good Cartridge for this Table?  Let me tell you there is a budget and my ears are pleased with SOUNDSTAGE and Dimension, dynamics are very nice but with my budget I realize I may have to temper my desires...I am not opposed to MM or MC as my Pre accommodates both.

As for parameters:

1. Budget is $500 or less...I would say that would put me about $700 +/- Retail.

2. I listen to classic rock/pop and occasional jazz from the 60's and up not really classical.

3. Don't judge but...My 2 channel is:  2 Emotiva XPR-1 monoblocs, Def-Tech BP-7000sc's, Musical Fidelity Pre-Amp and currently a Rebuilt heavily modded Thorens TD-145 with an Ortofon 2M Red.

Any comments, advice are highly appreciated!



I just inspected and (re) adjusted the Thorens TD 125 from

my brother in law. You will need a new belt , cleaning the bearing

and changing the oil and, if needed, readjusting the 3 springs to

get the platter level. To get the belt in the right position you need

to invert the platter and position the  belt in the middle.