Bargain Blutack

I was in Loews Home Improvement today and noticed a product called "BlueStick"; It was $1.48 for a one oz. package. It had the same description and appearance as Blutack. I did not buy any as years ago I found a 99-cent store with a considerable amount of Blutack and still have some left. As the last price I saw on Blutack was $10 it might be worth investigating.
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I went shopping for Bluetack a couple of years ago and I couldn't believe the price. I ended up with BlueStick or some other no-name brand and it worked just fine for 1/4 the price.

Ditto Reubent.
I am using Ace brand "Paper Tak". Not sure it provides the same tight bass response and airy treble as Bluetack, but works better than used Doublemint gum...