Bargain Basement, Giant Killing DACs for PC Audio

As I continue to upgrade my PC based systems, I am fascinated to see how certain DACs somehow retain considerable value for many years.

Because one might think that DACs are more vulnerable to depreciation and obscelesence than say, speakers or amplifiers.

Since this digital landscape changes quickly, perhaps this thread might become popular for a quick update on the latest, GIANT KILLER DACs.

New or used?

USB DACs or depreciated classic and a SPDIF adapter?

Thanks for your ideas.
Don't know if you call it a nargain basement dac but it is a GIANT killer and that's the Teddy DAC. Do a search and if you get a chance go hear one, it's just wonderful!
Hello Everyone,

Ahead of this holiday weekend, my mind is wandering again to "Bargain Basement, Giant Killing DACs" where I am amazed to see that > 8 years have passed since I first posted this thread.

I don't remember if I had yet purchased what has become my daily driver for PC and television:  an Antelope Audio Zodiac +.  Generally, I love using it as a DAC and a preamp when I am at my desk for long hours.

As an experiment (and reviewing SFAR's suggestion) I also dug out an old NuForce UDAC from storage with some decent cables and plugged it into my same system. 

Although I always enjoyed traveling with that device for laptops and headphones on airplanes etc, it sounds very hard, less spacious and instantly fatiguing compared to the Zodiac - at least on my desktop with near field monitors.  So back to the Giant Killers! 

Maybe 8 years later, there are some new ideas or even lower prices on previous suggestions?  Would love to know, especially with basic switching / attenuation to eliminate the need for a preamp.  Extra credit for DSD.


Have a listen to Tommy O'Brien's DAC DACs - I have the DAC DAC 1 HS model playing with VAC Musicblocs and ESL-57s and have been very impressed by its musicality and how emotionally engaging it is. 
I don't know about giant killers, but the Parasound Z was always under the radar for most people.