Bargain amps and preamps with XLR connections?

Any thoughts on reasonable priced gear that makes effective use of XLR ?
Preamps: Classe 30, Classe 60... both are vintage units 80's 90's; Emotiva...
Poweramps: Wyred4Sound, Sunfire 300, Sunfire SRA, Crown XI series(great pro amps with good parameters and performance for home audio as well).
For higher price point than above listed I'd pick up McIntosh 352 double-differential balanced amp. Larger power models are substantially higher priced.
Good use of XLR means fully differential, IMHO.

No relation.
Assuming passive not included.

Fully differential amps aren't usually "bargains" but there are exceptions such as Emotiva and Jungson.
FWIW nearly any amp can be set up to not only have XLR connections, but to also process both the inverting and non-inverting connections of the XLR.

I am talking in most cases about a very simple modification, but in the past I have found the most difficult part is where to put the connector. IOW, any amplifier has the capability internally, it just does not get used. So usually its just a matter of hooking it up.
I was looking for the same thing and found a NOS Kavent S-33 (exactly the same preamp as the Vincent SA-93). Or they found me really...and now they're (Kavent) nowhere to be found, and I wonder what they did with all the left over Kavent stuff. In any case it was inexpensive and an AMAZING sounding thing. I had considered a used Adcom 750 or a there's that. I had been using a Forte' 55 which led me to wanting a balanced out preamp (balanced ins also) and I replaced that with a Jolida 502p with xlr inputs...I just like xlrs from all these years as a musician...they're snappy! And quiet.
Odyssey Khartago.