Bare wire to B&W 684?

Am I supposed to string the bare wire directly through the hole in the terminal/binding post on the back? If so, do you recommend flaying the wire at the cut end once through and then screwing down to hold in place or not flaying the wire?

If you are not supposed to string the bare wire through the hole, not sure what step to take. The spades my Belden 5T00UP came terminated with are too thin to fit in the binding post and the wire at 10AWG is too thick to wrap around the post.

Appreciate any guidance you can give a budding audiophile!
Yes you may twist up the wire and stick it into the hole on the terminal.
If the wire end gets crummy, you should cut off the damaged end, so the exposed wire is clean and twisted.
IF you twist it or bend the exposed copper, try to do it without actually touching the bare copper with your skin. Use a paper towel or a cotton cloth to keep finger oil off the copper.
Realize when you tighten down the terminal, do not tighten with a pliers. just (hard) finger tight.
And in a week or so recheck them as they will seem loose by then, from the copper relaxing. So retighted them with just your finger again.
After a few weeks, they will stay tight.

(If you use a pliers, you may just cut the wire off twisting down too hard. So finger tight only)
Oh Boy!
Reread op post, and do not 'flay' or spread out the ends of the wire after it goes through the terminal hole.
Just leave it tightly twisted, with only maybe a quarter to a third of an inch past hole.
ou do want the outer screw-down to press on both sides of the wire going through hole, so the loose end should stick out from under post a little after tightening.
OK? good luck.

I just purchased the exact same wire. Please tell me your thoughts when you get the hooked up.

Much Appreciated
Elizabeth, thanks for the advice. I set up tonight and am sure itll sound awesome. The help is much appreciated.

Pkelly, everything ive read on the wire says its a great value with sound comparing to some of the really expensive stuff. Ill give you my take once Im up and running.

FYI, im running B&K ST125.2 as a power amp, using the Peachtree Nova as a preamp, and the B&W 684 floorstanders as speakers. Heres to hoping it all works out!