Bare cartridge design, Sumiko Blackbird Low Output

I need a cartridge to fill in while my other one is stuck up in NJ. (SS Zephyr mkiii)
I am interested in the Blackbird but I am not familiar with a bare design.

What do I need to know about this design, and does this make the cart more or less susceptible to issues such as static etc?

Thanks for the input.
Had 2 Blackbirds. Liked the sound. Very energetic sound.  No hum or other issues. However, the exposed tiny wires require exceptional care in handling. I know from experience. Be very careful.
In your price range I would go for a Hana. Even the $450 EL sounds better in my system.
Btw. I’m using the Hana as a temporary fill-in after I destroyed my Blackbird. Will probably upgrade eventually, but it is way better than I expected. Am in no hurry to replace it.
I destroyed 2  Clearaudio Virtuosos, as above, the only ones I ever did when changing phono cartridges, and I have had over 100 cartridges over the years.
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I have owned a couple of the Blackbirds, but they were the HO version. Very nice sounding cartridge, reminded me  a lot of my ZYX, similar kind of voicing. 

As I remember the wires are pretty well protected by a channel guard. There are not flying out there in open air like the Benz Micro Glider. Owned a couple of those too, never knocked the tip off them either. 

Currently own an Ortofon A90 as one of my cartridges and it has that same type of design. No accidents here, and owned it for a few years. 

You have to use common sense, be aware of what you are doing, and treat your turntable with respect. They are not for everyone, as the ham handed will damage them. But if you have some self awareness this does not have to be the outcome. 

When I was young I damaged a couple of cartridges, but it hasn't happened in a lot of years. And I prefer to install my cartridges without stylus guards, as those can be difficult to manipulate. Or I have had more than one cartridge have those missing. The one for my ZYX is an absolute nightmare and difficult to install or take off when its bolted to its box, much less a tone arm. 

Blackbirds are nice cartridges. I have always wondered who designs and builds them for Sumiko.