Barbie's Very Real, High End Speaker Problem...

A split second ago,
In a galaxy so, so near...
Yet so far away...

Schrodinger’s Barbie simultaneously,
Occupies multiple high end speaker boxes...
On a mission to rid the world of them...
Alive or Dead...

To save herself from perpetual entanglement she is assigned with creating the same thread every day.

To help collapse her probabilities to one, forum members are tasked with solving this Quantum Game,

By writing Aphoristic Maxims expressed as Relevant Thread Titles...

*** The Funnier the Thread Title,

...the higher the probability that Barbie wakes up hearing the music in her speaker box
...though not the box of her choice...
...but the one you want her in...
Ag insider logo xs@2xdavid_ten
Have you ever looked inside a speaker?? Most of what you're buying is EMPTY SPACE!!
@mijostyn- That may well be, beyond his Ken.
If I were Ken I would do a little more than kiss her.
Best way to skin that cat: a Fast Furrier Transform! Outside of that; Tell Ken to kiss your Barbie, and ignore the douche. Perhaps they’ll collapse, from a LACK of observation(goodbye wave? / wave goodbye?).
(Fateh Ali Khan) Mustt Mustt Read. !!!CAUTION!!!...High End Speaker Problems Ahead...
@almarg  @nonoise   Perfect!  Thanks! : )

By the way, that's Ken as in Barbie and Ken, not the one who cannot be named.

Not to be outdone, Dirac's Ken made it his mission in a contemplative life to cancel out any and all attempts to start a thread by altering the reality that Barbie dwelled in by using poetry as the basis for her to communicate with.

She just couldn't wrap her pretty little head around it.

All the best,
"Don't Be Duped By Duplicitous Dupemeisters -- Must Read!"

-- Al :-)

"mescaline". now that's something I haven't heard since my High School days back in the late 60's.  Thanks for the memories.  wink.  wink.
@mrdecibel Your singular post in one of those threads, was a good one. : )
David_ten, these threads you speak of, have all been started by the same individual...keep that in mind....why people have been responding ? They cannot help themselves....I have my own feelings about this individual, which I stated, one time.....
"This is a must read post for anybody in this hobby." Despite that, it was temporarily removed because it was flagged as 'spam.' It isn't! It is Must Read.

It's a parody (at least in my opinion) of what's been happening with recent threads about the Multitude of Problems with High End Speakers!

It's not member specific because many members have been participating in those threads.

Disclaimers out of the way....  : )
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