Barber's Adagio for Strings

Does anyone have any recommendations for well recorded versions of Adagio for Strings?
The Greatest version I have heard is the old Toscanini version. He was able wring all the emotion out of it while keeping the pacing. If mono bothers you Bernstein with NYPO is good choice. There is also the Schippers version. But the Toscanini is in class by itself. Hope this helps.
Get the Zinman/Baltimore. You'll be rewarded with a full CD of terrific Barber performances, not merely a good "Adagio" (there are many of those). Great sound.
If you like this piece, then look for the Barber arrangement for unaccompanied chorus (acappella) recorded by Robert Shaw. This music with voices in place of strings is one of my favorites.

It is titled "Agnus Dei", and is available on a Robert Shaw CD titled Evocation of the Spirit. The Tower Records link that includes samples to listen to is:

If you did not know, this adagio is originally the second movment of a String Quartet by Barber. It is also fun to listen to in its original version. I have a recording by the Emerson string quartet.

I second what Sugarbrie said above. The Emerson is a fine rendition of it in its oirignal quartet form.
In addition to the Toscanini mentioned above, consider the St. Louis/Slatkin recording. When they toured Asia a few years back, the Adagio movement was such a hit that they got bugged to play it on every concert. Hence, they know it cold. It's also well recorded.
Have to disagree with Pragmatist re St. Louis/Slatkin. On the Telarc recording there are MAJOR problems with tuning and intonation in the violins that make the piece nearly unlistenable to my ears.

I agree that the Argo disc of Barber music, conducted by Zinman, is an excellent collection of beautiful music, superbly recorded. I find it hard to believe anyone would claim that a recording made over, what, 50 years ago has never been surpassed, especially of a warhorse like Adagio. The Argo issue features heartfelt, exciting performances with lifelike sound.
From the 60's, New York Philharmonic conducted by the late Thomas Shippers. Sony/CBS Classical remastered it on CD a few years back. I'm pretty sure it is still available. A very Romantic and poignant interpretation.
There is a wonderful version, superbly recorded, by the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields conducted by Sir Neville Marriner that I have on an Argo LP from, I believe, the 1970's. I think it's been reissued on CD, which I've not heard. Other than the Barber it also has excellent performances of work by several other American composers, including, as I recall, Paul Creston and Virgil Thomson.