Barber Cafe Blue flaw?

I just noticed something in track 9, Too Rich For My Blood, of this disc. At 3:21 - 3:25 there is a buzz in the right channel that sounds exactly like a gnat flying around you ear. Anyone else notice it? I EAC'd the track and got no errors but I still hear the gnat, so it must not be from a damaged disc. I'de be interested to know if anyone else can hear it.
I've played this CD often and have never noticed any abnormal sound.

I've not heard that 'buzz' before either. i just listened again 5 times to that passage on the SACD......there are tiny 'growling riffs' from the standing bass that float in and out of audibility but nothing that might be interpreted as "a gnat flying around your ear".

there is a clear dropout on "A Taste of Honey" at the :10 second point that is on all of my versions of 'Cafe Blue'......CD, FIM HDCD, SACD, and Lp.
I realized that I can only hear this noise when playing loudly, and then I noticed this same noise, coming from the right channel again, on another disc with low bass notes. I got close to the speaker and determined that the noise was actually coming from inside the lower part of the cabinet. I pulled out the woofer to check for something loose that could becausing the buzz. Nothing looked obvious to me.

Thiel apparently uses twisted solid wire, for the woofers at least, which is very stiff. I slightly rerouted the wires around the driver to make sure they were no where near any part of it after it's screwed into the cabinet. This was the only thing I could see that could possibly be the problem. After I put it back together the buzz was gone!
Often times a buzz is helpful when listening, I guess not this time.