Banned in Audiogon?

I have experienced that certain manufacturers are "Protected" 
in this forum. Curious if other regulars have the same opinion?
Let's see how far this goes before it is gone.
You're the only one that will delete the thread. VERY few time do the moderators delete threads. 

UNLESS it's the "PILL" or what every the flash is at the time.  Take this pill and you will be 29 again... :-).

Who are you talking about? This site's primary purpose it to produce revenue. Sure, not for the "Great company".


I’ve not seen any evidence of this.

Virtually every brand going seems to have received some flak in the 3/4 years I’ve been here.

Maybe not so much for a few like ProAc, Harbeth, and maybe one or two others, but almost everything gets shot down at some point or another.

For some reason Wilson’s tend to get a fair bit of criticism. I’ve never heard a pair but would be quite surprised and disappointed if they sounded bad.
@cd318 I heard a $150k system with Wilson Tiny Tots and the Puppy subwoofer many years ago. They sounded good from an "audiophile" perspective meaning extended highs and solid lows. Perhaps they also sounded a little "slow". But for me what they produced didn't sound like music with a sound that felt somewhat artificial and that lacked flow. The fact that they were powered by Krell amplification could have been the cause or perhaps didn't help matters.

Having been acquainted with audio dealers in several major cities, I've found that equipment cost in audio does not always correlate with how musical a system can sound. Sometimes the cost-is-no-object equipment tries to stretch too far in what it can accomplish and ends up losing the ability to sound musical.
I think that the OP is correct. About ten years ago, I purchased an Adona equipment rack which I have praised on these forums and recommended many times since. Shortly after I bought it, I wrote a review here that was not very long, maybe four paragraphs giving my positive impressions of the rack. The only negative thing that I said, which I still stand by, was that it did not come with any assembly instructions, and could have been packed a little better.
The review disappeared, and I received an email from the moderators saying that it didn't meet the standard of being informative, which was of course not true. It was so ridiculous at the time that I felt certain, and still do, that the principal at Adona complained to Audiogon and they removed the review for that one minor complaint.
I'm sure they are the one's that did complain about the review, who else would. I found when I first started posting here on AG there were a LOT of posters that thought the report button was to get a rise out of who ever they could.. AFTER a lot of complaining A LOT, MY FRIEND, It stopped.

The moderator LOOK now more so than they did before, OR they modified the auto flag and remove feature.. NO matter the reason AG responded to the AG community and took care of most of the abuse.

So glad to see the "I don't like what you posted" crowd GONE. They would BRAG how they just got booted on another forum just to show up hear and stir some $hit.. Just use to amaze me.. I spoke with the moderator. They took it under advisement, and told me so...

About 3 months, the toilet finally FLUSHED... Away went the BIG OL TURDS...Worthless.. 

A guy would start a thread, the FOUR would show up.. A whole page of going back and fourth. Not adding a penny's worth to the conversation..

Just like this very post that you read to the very end... DUMMY.. :-)
I'm really fellin' Red Fox lately...

I would be curious to know how many of us on Audiogon are dealers.  Be nice to know who they are so we can detect bias and perhaps salesmanship.  However, I have learned a lot.  
it does seem some manufacturers and dealers rarely identify themselves as such...
Off main topic, but I've calvinandhobbes' experience when I've heard Wilsons at shows -- definitely a bit on the "technical" side.  Not sure that's a fault: seems like there is a lot of legitimate variation in personal taste on a detail/accuracy vs. warmth/musicality dimension.  I was actually a little relieved Wilsons were not for me, given the price of admission.
I agree with those who say that few products escape  criticism here, as indeed the criticism of prestige product like Wilson indicates.
It's a little puzzling, this criticism of Wilson's.

From a distance you see excellent drivers placed in well thought-out composite cabinets.

So what can possibly go wrong from there?

What does that leave, crossovers?

Could it just be a simple matter of less than perfect crossover design on some models?


"A guy would start a thread, the FOUR would show up.. A whole page of going back and fourth. Not adding a penny's worth to the conversation.."

Yes, seems to be a lot less of that now.

When it comes to online reviews (Amazon etc) I usually find it more informative to start by reading the one star reviews.

Some very mediocre products on there seem to have a fantastic number of 5 star reviews.
Good question, cd318.  Another possibility is that the Wilson designers are succeeding very well at getting the sound they and their many customers like. 

Remains a bit puzzling why they are so polarizing, but no doubt Wilson sells a lot of very expensive kit.
Why is this turning into a discussion about the merits of Wilson speakers?
Err, because some points were made about Wilsons that some of us found interesting?
Plus, it's a test of the OPs "banned" hypothesis, for one manufacturer.
Interesting responses, thank you all. If I mention the Usual Suspects who
inhabit this "Protected Class" I fear that would lead to further confusion in this thread. (Wilson)  

If no one else has experienced being edited off the forum with no comment from any moderator I must just be the Lucky Man! 

Time to move on.
It happened again! Yesterday I wrote a story about a road trip I just made to GR Research in Texas. It was not allowed. Was it the use of the word
Mecca? Will never know. 
Bottom line- Danny Richie is a great resource. He is rebuilding my 
XOs. Can't wait to get them back. 
Money talks. That explains it all. You speak the language, you win. otherwise...who cares? This is a business site.   Otherwise it would not exist. Forum is a granted privilege to help that.    No rights involved. See how this works?
Atma Sphere is protected here. He’s always diving into threads to peddle his products. 
Funny that brands would have so much pull on a forum chock full of xenophobia and classism. I come here less and less and that makes me happy
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gochurchgo said:
"I come here less and less and that makes me happy."

atmasphere makes valuable contributions and does not plug his own products.
Come here even less, and make me happy.
atmasphere makes valuable contributions and does not plug his own products.
Come here even less, and make me happy.
Reading many posts by atmasphere i concur.... Great contributor and knowledgeable....