Bang & Olufsen beolab 90 $115,000 Pair

Review of luxury speakers Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90

bang & olufsen beolab 90

Imagine a speaker so intellectually conceptualized, exquisitely designed, and so finely tuned that it can deliver an exceptional audio experience in any environment. This is the new acoustic speaker BeoLab 90 from Bang & Olufsen. It will change the future of sound.




I believe the motif is called Danish Modern.  Being neither Danish nor modern I am under qualified to comment their esthetics.

But, B&O has designed some of the most beautiful pieces ever created to play music.  I have a couple of non-functionial Beocenters in my storage loft that I’ve considered hanging on the walls of my listening room as wall art.

luxury = marketing to idiots.  It's selling the sizzle with no steak.  It's been around a long time.  



@jon_5912Mr. Bernays’ bio is quite interesting.  The comments under the “Philosophy” heading have present day implications.


You're really not qualified to say that they're selling sizzle if you haven't heard them, A lot of research went into them, and you may not like the size or the way they look but that doesn't mean that they aren't worth it to the right customer.