Bang & Olufsen Beogram RX2 turntable

Can I use my U.S. purchased Bang & Olufsen Beogram RX2 turntable in Norway, I heard that there are internal elecronics that causes the turntable to spin at different a speed (not the volts) in Europe versus the US. Any insight into this?
Most European countries run at 50hz A/C cycles per second.
The USA runs the A/C at 60hz per second.
So your made for USA turntable would need a different motor pulley if it is a belt drive. and a change to the electronics controlling speed if it is a direct drive.
B&O might be able to help you. But I do not know.
B&O is a little vague, and they show two power supplies. One for 120 volts, the other for 230 volts is what it seems to be IMO. It looks like either one could use 50 or 60 cycles if I'm reading it right. The manual is available at the Vinylengine.
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After looking at the schematic, I believe the speed is controlled by a quartz crystal. The main problem is getting the correct voltage setup for it. I'm not sure how that is done. There are parts that may be mislabeled, or I'm reading something wrong. A B&O dealer may be the best. I can't recommend anything, except the voltage does need to be corrected for 230 volts. Feeding that into it now would destroy it. Maybe someone with more knowledge on these, will come along yet. This is the first time I looked at the diagram on a B&O. Most TT's I use/used, have a synchronous motor. Those stay in sync with the 60 cycle (50 different countries) power from the outlet. The voltage could even vary about plus/minus 5%, without bothering the speed at all. The 60 cycles would have to be accurate( pretty accurate from utility ), and is accurate enough for a lot of people.
Those stay in sync with the 60 cycle (50 different countries) power from the outlet.
I should have put 50 cycles in some different countries.
The motor on the RX2 is electronically regulated, and thus the speed will be unaffected by the operation on the US mains current. It's just the voltage, as HIfihvn states. A simple step-up transformer will take care of that . . . and it can be a small one as this turntable draws very little current.