Bang for the buck DAC

Been out of the game for years, but am looking to upgrade my DAC. I have Shindo components and Living Voice IBX speakers. Can someone recommend me a Dac for around $500-$700?
If you still have the Paradesia, I'm not sure that anything in that price range will be an upgrade. You have some beautiful components there - why are you cheaping out on the source?
Teredac Chamelion
16 Chip NOS dac $500
I second the Rega DAC. It sounds a lot like music.
Used benchmark DAC1 pre.
Agree with Chayro. I'd save up more dough and get something that's up to par with the rest of your system and that will give you more significant improvement.
Does a USB DAC work? If so, I have just the ticket.
Arcam irDAC beyond doubt.