Bang for Buck Bi-wiried cables...

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A friend of mine just purchased a Denon 3808 and a pair of B&W 704 speakers. He is looking to Bi-wire them and I wanted to get some recomendations on 8ft Bi-wire'd cables for him.

Cost is an issue as he is working towards the accompanying B&W items (C, SR, SL and Sub)to give him a 5.1 system.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Kimber 8tc
As I read the post, like Grinnell, the first thing that came to mind was Kimber 8tc.

If he can tolerate a long break in period Morrow Audio Cables (60 day trial period, money back) are worth a listen and are very reasonable (bang to buck is amazing). Not affiliated, just a happy customer.

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Morrow Audio
Grover Huffman
Gregg Straley's Reality Cables
acoustic zen satori shotgun - I use them in my big rig and they have bested some much more expensive cables
tonally balanced, great resolution, speed and imaging

For bang for the buck look at Audioquest Slate. has great deals on the Slate if looking for new cable. I've seen people trying to sell used AQ Slate at prices very close to AudioAdvisor's.
Signal Cable makes some very good sounding cable. Prices are very reasonable. Frank's a great guy to work with.
DNM Reson
Audioquest Mont Blanc (shotgun using two pairs) or Audioquest Gibraltar (shotgun using two pairs) or Tara The One (shotgun using two pairs)...both are usually available on Audiogon. If cost (even used) prohibits dual pair/shotgun configuration, look at Audioquest Volcano or Mont Blanc (more conductors to derive the biwire from) or Tara The One.
Look on ebay for Valab. Bi-wire silver plated copper and made very well. Long break in period and excel the price point by a mile.. They easily replaced a few cables mentioned in this thread. I also have a pair of Morrow SP3's coming. Can't beat the trial period. I have used solid core and stranded cables and have found that the solid core seems to have more of a full midrange. At least on the ones I have tried. If you want super budget go with Anti-cables but I can tell you they don't compare to Valab.
Also, for your buddies system look at picking up a Tripp Lite isolation transformer down the road.
I would strongly recommend CLEAR DAY speaker cables.I just received mine and they sounded great just out of pack and are not even runned in yet.Paul is also an excellent seller who offered 30 days money back trial.

the Clear Day will smooth out nicely after a 100 hrs or so. Paul has done his homework. His choice of wire and dielectric make this cable sound exceptional to me. It has very good bass control and a nice midrange. It doesn't quite have the HF extension as my big $$$ cables but don't take that as meaning they are rolled off. They're not. I think they are an outstanding bargain.
After having the Morrow Audio SP3's in my system for a couple of weeks I would say they are a great sounding speaker cable and not just for the price. They are very accurate IMHO.
Kimber 8TC
If he's really into 2-channel I guess I can see wanting to bi-wire, but if that's the case if it were me I'd be saving up for a separate pre/pro and amp. If 2-channel isn't a good deal more important to him than home theater I'd put more money into the sub before I dropped that cash on bi-wiring. Anyway, unless he's using garbage speaker cables now and needs to upgrade there may be other areas where that money would yield more return on investment at this point. Just a thought...
I keep saying Anti-Cables.. If you haven't tried them, you don't know.

Stringreen and Cfarlie... Morrows are worth a try... I'd start with SCs... Morrow Scs imho make an instant huge and unmistably positive difference, and "the price is right." No affliation, just a happy customer.

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If you haven't tried them, you don't know.
Stringreen (System | Threads | Answers)

I've tried them. Borrowed a friend's set.
Lots of great affordable choices in this thread. Grover Huffman, Reality, Morrow, Anti-Cables, etc. are all good choices. I'll also add Mapleshade's Clearview Double Helix to the list. These are half of what I'm using on my front speakers, bought them used for a little over $100 for an 8ft pair (4 wires). The "non-double" are quite affordable.

As you can see I also prefer solid core cables.
Ok if it is price only go for the magnet wire. If your friends speakers are up against a back wall then just use the red candy apple color cable.