Bang and Olufsen Penta speakers question

Hello - I recently purchased a house that came with 2 Bang and Olufsen Penta speakers.  I can't figure out if they are Penta 1, 2 , or 3.  I'm not an audiophile per se, though I enjoy great music.  The speaker system we have now is wireless so it's time to offload the B & O speakers.  Any advice on how I can figure out how to identify the speakers I have, what distinguishes model 1 from 2 from 3?  I"d like to list them for sale on line and need that info and a ballpark asking price -they speakers are in excellent working condition.  Anybody interested?  thanks for reading, jamie
I've looked these up on line,  all 3 are available. Do a couple of searches, you'll find them. I think that your problem with getting answers is the subtle attempt to sell these.  We're a tight community and all will give you answers where they can and even though, someone here may give advice to buy elsewhere when a good previously enjoyed item comes available for our members, overall, its not welcomed to try selling items within the forum format. Don't take this too harshly, welcome to the forum.  Listing here is inexpensive and if you put them up for bid,  you'll find there worth as they sell,  Good Luck,
I very much appreciate the response, Tim.  I"m sorry if it came across that I was trying to sell them on the forum.  Truthfully I'm just trying different ways of distinguishing the 3 different models, which appear to have come out in succession.  The house was built in 1986 and it seems the speakers were purchased by the prior owner around that time.  I did look online trying to match pictures with the ones I have but they all look like tall vertical speakers and I'm not one to remove the mesh to see the inside.  I'll continue my search. -jamie
Fantastic speakers, I have two pairs.
You may want to reconsider and keep them!

There are model numbers on the amps to go by.
6603 = Penta I
6623 = Penta II
6633 = Penta III

All details here: