Bang and Olefsun Stereo System

I have Bang and Olufsen complete stereo system from 1984 Beogram 5000 etc. Turntable, tuner, cassette player, CD player and 2 remote controls. It is in great working condition except for the CD drawer that needs to be fixed. Any ideas on how much to ask? Please let me know of your thoughts! Thanks
sorry to have the opinion that this system is a bit dated im technology/performance. maybe some b and o fan would give you a few hundred. but if it works why not just use it in another room and enjoy the music? i could be wrong but i don,t think your system has appreciated over the years. i am certainly not the final word on this but thought i,d chime in since there were no responses. i am sure the styling remains cool as ever. john
worth fixing for sure.
Junk the whole system by selling on Audiogon, less the cd player which is for the trash. Buy more current items, maybe B&O, or Bose.
Junk the whole system by selling on Audiogon, less the cd player which is for the trash.
The Beosystem 5000 usually sold with the Beogram CD50, which is definately NOT a trash-can item. It's actually a superbly-engineered inverted transport (the disc goes in upside down) sourced from Aiwa, with a very conservatively designed laser pickup and brushless spindle motor. If working properly, scratched-disc perfomance is among the best I've ever seen from a red-book transport, of any vintage. DAC is a single non-oversampling unit with multistage analog L-C antialiasing filter . . . far from modern, but back in vogue in some circles. As a group the CD50 is extraordinarily reliable - usually the only problem is the belt and grease which moves the drawer in and out. Not bad for a first-generation CD player . . . most cars of the era have long since gone to the crusher.

Like most quality vintage audio electronics, there are aspects of their design which are dated, and aspects which aren't . . . and aspects that are impressive even by today's standards. Bang & Olufsen products in general aren't designed to appeal to the typical Audiogon contributor, so you will find your share of negative opinions here.

You might inquire at the forums at And should you decide to sell them, Audiogon may still not be a bad place . . . in my experience, this is one of the most gentlemanly seller's forums on the Internet.
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