Bang and Olafson Beoplay H8

Heard these yesterday at a mens shop at MGM National Harbor Hotel in DC. Very impressed. Sound and build qualiy, aesthetics, comfort, ease of use.   Definitely worth consideration. Listened via Bluetooth to Plex on my Iphone 6.
Many years ago, there was a B&O retail store in the Short Hills Shopping Center in New Jersey.  They had a very expensive (even in those years) multi amped speaker that sounded very good...a bit too basey (not boomy as I remember) but that sells.
B&O tends to be a bit pricey for the sound you get I think but these are $500 headphones I might just buy as a plunge into good sounding wireless phones. Very snazzy looking and comfortable as well. The sound was among the best I’ve heard. Liquid natural detailed balanced and nothing smeared or muddy sounding.