bands you truly miss

Besides the Beatles, were there any rock bands you were really sorry to see break up?
Neutral Milk Hotel
The Shaggs
chicago through death and members leaving they got quite sappy.
alexander's ragtime band...but i got over it
The Band
Pink Floyd

The old Genesis 1977, after Steve Hackett left it was all over.

The Police

When Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman left Yes in 1979.
Uncle Tupelo. The seminal trio.
And sometimes not so much (or not just) break up as die off...

Derek & the Dominos
The old Genesis
similarly older Santana
Jackson Browne w/ David Lindley
The Who
The Beach Boys (from Pet Sounds era)

There are lots more - but like many in that list it's more from the perspective of a particular album or an era of a band's existence.
The Judy's - a Texas Punk band.... I am actually going to have to buy a turntable (phono pre, etc...) and fleabay some albums....
The Band
Bloodwyn pig,Savoy Brown,Humble pie, and Mountain.
Dead Can Dance

They were supposed to have reunited in 2005 and I saw them in NYC - an incredible show - but it's a year and a half later and still no new material, and no more touring. I don't think Lisa and Brendan can be around each other long enough to get an album done.

There's no other band like them.
Led Zepplin
Pink Floyd
THe Dead
The V Roys
nrbq (with Big Al)
Little Feat (with Lowell)
16 Horsepower (I do like Woven Hand, but they're not the same)...I don't think I'd call them a "rock band" though.

Afghan Whigs.
Cytocycle, I'd forgotten all about the Judy's... first saw them in about 1984, when they played at my high-school auditorium!

Jdoris, I too was going to mention Uncle Tupelo. Fortunately, I'm also a huge fan of Wilco / Son Volt / Loose Fur, and will be seeing Wilco in Austin this September, for about the jillionth time.
I miss the Wolfman. He was as much a part of my enjoyment of music in the early years as the bands were.
i'll second 16 horsepower. by the time i found out about them, they had already broken up. great stuff. i'll throw pink floyd and nirvana in as well.
Only frank. The rest of the pack pales in comparison to Mr. Zappa.
Chase, Lighthouse (although every once in a rare while they play live), the original BS&T
The Clash
Root Boy of course
Talk Talk were great! The godfathers of ...everything good. Missed sorely!
Gonna have to say Morphine.
Was looking forward to a whole lot more good old dirty music from those guys.
Agree with Neutral Milk Hotel, also. Those guys were at least a full decade ahead of their time -- would be great to hear what they sounded like today.
Lush, Joy Division
Not too many are familar with them - but they were excellent - and Tom was one of the first openly gay rockers out there. "Sing if your glad to be gay" was such a great anthem - many a straight man - myself included could be seen singing along. Now that's a endoresment.
Second Thin Lizzy. Though they still occasionally tour with Gorham and Sykes, TL without Philo is . . . well . . . not Thin Lizzy. He was one of the greatest frontmen to ever prowl a stage, and with him at the helm, Lizzy were one of the best rock bands I've ever heard or seen. Still in the top three of the best shows I've ever been privileged to see.
Emailists, I assume you are refering to the Tom Robinson Band...?
the dB's - had two brilliant albums and then - nothing more.

how about the Replacements.. never got to see them live.

Husker du...
Jimmdavis: After Trace and AM (which both seem to be Uncle Tupelo material), Son Volt and Wilco did not do it for me, so much. I admire Wilco for moving in new directions, while Jay F. seems to be doing the same sort of stuff, but I've tended to sell discs from both groups when I've picked them up.

Have you checked out Two Cow Garage, from Columbus? One of the best rock bands now playing, for my money, and solidly in the No Depression tradition.

And to return to the demised band theme, you might try St. Louis' Nadine, and their very fine "Downtown Saturday."

Here's a guilty confession: Squeeze They're one of those bands that defines an era for me, conjuring up all sorts of memories.

Genesis w/ Gabriel
Moody Blues w/ Pinder
Be Bop Deluxe
City Boy
Yes w/ Wakeman and Bruford
Fleetwood Mac w/ Welch
Byrds (original 5)
Deep Purple w/ Gillan
Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
You got it right.
I miss pre-"Works" Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Genesis w/Gabriel
Squeeze was a great call from Marco.

I miss Joe Strummer.

...and I miss Crowded House.

Crowded House is back on tour.
Tim Finn isn't in the line-up this time out.


PS I'd add The Delevantes, The Feelies, The Reivers, Utopia, Rockpile, and The New Radicals to the list.

PPS I'm not sure why Squeeze qualifies as a guilty pleasure - Difford and Tillbrook are at the very top of the post Lennon/Macca heap, IMHO. They were a fantastic live show to boot.
Crowded House is not Crowded house without Tim Finn.
Not to get off on a Crowded House tangent here but House aficionados should check out the Finn Brothers "Everyone is Free" album from 2004.

Good stuff.
"Everyone is Here"

The Smiths - never really caught on to Morrisey solo nearly as much.

I second The Smiths. Plus Nirvana, Midnight Oil and The Hoodoo Gurus (my Aussie heritage coming through with the last two).
By far, George Gobel and the Naught-so Notty-boys.
Blodwyn Pig, Rootboy Slim (and the Sexchange Band), Wow!!!
Nice to know there are other fans besides myself out there.
I still have the first two Blodwyn Pig lps, saw them live in '71 opening for Procol Harum at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in LA. Great show.

I never had a chance to see Rootboy Slim, but I liked his first album. One of a kind, no doubt about it, but unfortunately unknown in the West.
The Spiders From Mars