Bands/artists you never got to see live in their heyday, but would've liked to.

Siouxsie and the Banshees (I've seen other incarnations)

Bob Marley and the Wailers

Gregory Isaacs

David Bowie

Led Zeppelin

Black Sabbath

Steely Dan

Arty Shaw, FAR better than anything you put up.

Though funny, that was doooshy of you, Schubert.

Might be the right description shdog, but definitely a predictable response from good old Schubert.  
I missed ever seeing Waylon Jennings or Buck Owens, regret that.  
I have seen all on your list but I wish I could have seen.
Hendrix, Joplin, The Doors, Van Cliburn, Bill Evans, John Coltrane.

Hendrix, and Janis Joplin for sure. I really like Merle Haggard too. Chet Atkins and Marty Robbins. I'd like to see again but can't Prince.. He put on a killer show. I liked Salina too. What a bad thing to happen to such a shining star.. Patsy Cline and Billie Holiday. I'd give my eye teeth the see Pavarotti again...

i saw  Chet Atkins  a few times and have his autograph on my Larrivee guitar
Zeppelin, absolutely.
I’ll go with Chet Atkins too.
Also Duke Ellington and Jim Reeves. 
I've actually seen a good deal of the artists mentioned in this thread. I saw almost all of the rock acts that are mentioned, with the notable exception of Prince. I saw Ellington -- a model of grace and charm. I did, though, miss Coltrane, Bird and Pavarotti. My older sister saw the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl. She yelled herself hoarse. 
The inventors of the modern light show.
Seen a Steely Dan show. With respect to Walter the newest Steely Dan Band is in another league.
clifford brown
bill evans
eva cassidy
amy winehouse
John Coltrane
Miles Davis
Jimi Hendrix
Joni Mitchell
The Band
The Grateful Dead
The Doors
Creedence Clearwater Revival
The Velvet Underground
Bob Marley and the Wailers
The Who (with Keith Moon) - saw them twice in the early 80’s but it wasn’t the same
Roxy Music
Howlin’ Wolf
Nina Simone
Sly and the Family Stone
@jjss49 Did see Amy Winehouse in Spain and she was fantastic even if she was 3 sheets to the wind.

Talking Heads

Dave Brubeck

Genesis (original line-up)
Ah, Talking Heads for sure!
My first concert as a youth was Jethro Tull. First time I ever smelled the evil weed, too.  Saw Bette Midler and Keith Jarrett, also.  I spent the 90s in Milan. Saw Elton, Eric, Phil, Tina.  Had a friend that got a lot of Vegas comps. Saw Annie Lennox and a few I can’t remember.

At 73 the only groups I missed and wanted to see were the Stones and Led.
Janis&Big Brother
Otis Redding
Allman Brothers with Duane
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Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band!
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The Incredible String Band
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Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Sympony, Barbirolli and the Hallee Orchestra, Bernstein and the NY Philharmonic 
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Let's see, erm ...

Beethoven 5th Piano Concerto, The Emperor
Bill Evans
Miles & Art Pepper
Rush's R-40 Tour... miss them, oh, and
Elvis when he was fat and disgusting ...

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band w/Mike Bloomfield
Bob Dylan in the Folk City & 'Blonde on Blonde' time frame
Joni w/Jaco
+1 Stones w/Brian Jones 
Yardbirds w/Clapton, w/Beck, w/Beck & Page
Early Fleetwood Mac w/Greenie
Led Zep early on
Allmans w/Duane
Little Walter Jacobs & the Aces

Bill Evans
Art Pepper
Andrea Bocelli
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Talking Heads

Did see:
Ella Fitzgerald
Allman Bros w/Duane
many many more

Going to see Steely Dan in Boston on 11/20...yeah baby!


is andrea bocelli no longer performing???

@jasonbourne -- wtf dude

Beatles - without the screaming girls that made it impossible to hear them

Artie Shaw

saw most of the rock bands listed here, even remember a few of those shows.   50 + times, for Grateful Dead, SRV. 

I am grateful to have heard all the great bluesmen of the last generation.   No one could rock the house like John Lee Hooker.
jasonbourne had the hic-c-c-c-cups.

Woody Shaw --- far better than old-fashioned Artie !

Jimi with Billy Cox and Mitch Mitchell (because I actually prefer his post-psychedelic phase)

Allmans with Duane 

Faces, when R. Wood was in his prime


Mahavishnu Orchestra

Coltrane with Classic Quartet

Miles with 2nd Great Quartet

D. Gordon

Santana with Lotus band 

Wayne Shorter during his Blue Note phase 

Albert King (saw BB and Freddie) 

Pat Martino 


B. Marley (missed him when I lived in S. Barbara but there was just so much good music, there and then!) 

J. Beck with Rough and Ready line-up

McCoy Tyner in his prime 

M. Bloomfield with Butterfield 

Milton Nacimiento 

And, if the OP will indulge me, I'd like to step off the nostalgia train jut long enough to remind myself and everyone else that there are still excellent musicians performing. In this regard, I'd love to see Black Pumas !

I now return you to regular scheduled program...


   "No one could rock the house like John Lee Hooker"

Maybe... but SRV, after he'd gotten clean, wasn't too shabby !  !  !  

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@stuartk: nice comeback! thanks!