Band with highest success/talent ratio?

Which bands do readers thinks have the highest success to quality ratio? In other words, which bands have been very successful yet deserve little success since their music is terrible?
I'll stir the pot right away with my #1 choice: Kiss. They were around for a while, made millions, dressed up in makeup because no one would've listened to them otherhwise, and maybe had one good song (but probably not).
My next choices would be Aerosmith and Dream Theater, although I'm not sure the latter were very successful. I hope not.
I'm with you. Garcia's Dead, and I'm Grateful.
hey folks we're really looking for con-ten-ders on the scale from 1 to 10.
They're John Bon Jovi and Paul Simon. I'll give 'em 10/small fraction of one.
Sure, I'm sick to death of Elton John, too. But no talent? That's just foolish. Remember, he wasn't always a 60-something noodling around with broadway shows.

And I continue to be surprised at the sheer number of people who mentioned the Grateful Dead. Sure, their style doesn't appeal to everyone (whose does?), but they were certainly the best in the style they chose to work in.
I think a big obstacle to this kind of discussion is the ability to divorce one's dislikes from one's gauge of talent, as several have eluded to concerning the Dead and Elton John.
As an exercise I tried to think of a few artists I dislike but think were talented. It was easiest to do this in genres I'm not so beholden to like jazz and classical. For me it was easy to identify Mozart and Charlie Parker. I don't care for their work but have no trouble admitting their prodigious talent. In rock, however, it's more difficult for me to be objective... The closest I can get is maybe Bob Dylan. I like a few of his songs but fail to understand his immense influence. Yet I can see he's a talented songwriter and lyricist.
Who can you admit is or was talented but whose music you can't stand?
You've hit upon it, Achilles. Most just post their dislikes without questioning whether the artist was good at what they did. For instance, 2 artists that I really don't care for at all, but I surely acknowledge their great talent:

Steely Dan
Eric Clapton

I would never describe those 2 as low on talent, however much their music bores me.