Banchmark DAC3B vs. Denafrips Pontus II (12th Aniv.)

So I'm considering one of these DACs. They're about the same price new. Any thoughts on which direction? My pre-amp and amp are both Benchmark and the speakers are Reference 3A NEFES II. I realize keeping it all Benchmark is appealing, but the Pontus looks very interesting.


Looking at these two offerings one thing is common neither support 32 bit inputs.

While most folks don't care, for those that are curating 384 Khz 32 Bit Floating Point files to play would not be happy with these products.

Simply speaking IMHO everything sounds better at 32 bit, Jimi Hendrix especially LOL!

Everything; try it you'll like it too

I have Pontus II 12th and never heard any pops, tic or click. I would say system synergy as our members mentioned is the key for great sound. Best of luck!

I got a DAC3B on USAM. It arrives on Tuesday. It will be replacing an old Cambridge DAC Magic that actually did a pretty good job subbing in.