Bananas vs. Spades

I bought some older Audioquest cables (Crystal) for shotgun biwire from McCormack DNA 0.5 dlx to Vandersteen 2cis. These cables are big and heavy. I am sending them to AQ to be terminated and I have two options for the speaker end (Vandys have factor bananas at about 30" off floor). Could use bananas as intended with supports to prevent weight of wire from damaging speaker termination or (worse) the banana jacks on the speakers. AQ technician recommends using spades and then a spade to banana adaptor that fits up close to the speaker and allows the wire's weight to pull straight down, with weight much closer to the fulcrum (so to speak). What do you all think? I fear a loss of sound quality by using two connections, but there is also an advantage in having spades on both ends for re-use or re-sale. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
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Thansk everybody. I guess I'll go with the axon spades to bananas and use a wire tie to "couple" the cable to the stand. I think I remember these as being available at tht Parts Connection.
I think the Axon spades are as good as almost anything you can get(if you are going to use spades). For some reason, almost all of the connectors in this hobby are gold plated brass. To find one which is gold plated copper(and this cheap) is a rare gem. That being said, I use bare wire. But, when I do use connectors, I like bananas(but I don't get anal over what connector the wire has).
Actually, AQ cable (Crystal) is 12 strands of solid OFC-LG copper around a foamed dielectric. Same problem, though, how to get handscrew to contact 12 strands of (approx) 20 ga. wire. I'm thinking of using AXON spades and bananas (gold plated copper). Very inexpensive and look pretty nice on their web site. Unless anyone has better idea, I will probably make up a double biwire set by just setting them up as 4 runs of spade to banana, and then attaching two spades to each binding post on my McCormack DNA 0.5
Lak- I have some of the gold-plated dual bananas (Esoteric Audio I believe), but my concern is how to securely attach bare wire to the screw down. The AQ cables have numerous seperately insulated wires, each stranded. Difficult to keep those all together and the hand screw is pointed, so it would tend to penetrate a twisted together group of thin strands and many would not make contact.
Swampwalker, at times I have used a duo 24K goidbananna styled speaker connector (where the speaker wire hangs streight down the back of the bananna, speaker wire is held in place by small hand screws). They can be purchased from your local audio dealer or from Audio Advisor for about $15 for a set. I hope this helps.
P.S. If your banana plugs don't fit tight, use a small screw driver to pry out the plug sections so it is a little bigger in diameter-- I had to do this on a couple of plugs. Good Luck. Craig.
Hi Swampwalker; I have used Kimber 8VS (heavy) speaker cables biwired into Vandersteen 2Ces banana plugs for years with no problem. At one time I tried a banana to spade adaptor and did not like it as it was "loose and floppy", but name brand and good material. I'd suggest using your bananas "straight in" and if necessary use a heavy nylon wire tie (12") around the 2Ces rear base and your audioquest wire-- for support of the weight if you feel that's necessary. These long, stout nylon wire ties are available at auto supply stores. I also use them to support my heavy power cords at the wall outlet, and they have other uses in "wire" management . I installed a hanging lamp hook above the AC outlet to "tie" the power cord to. Works great. Cheers. Craig.
Swampwalker: I get it now. As you said, I would skip the extra connector if possible though I do not have any suggestions for supporting the cable. And, I know what you mean about the clumsiness of the fat cables as I have difficulty keeping my HT power cord at a 90% angle from the back my CD player. I tried blocking it with a square of marble but it seemed to effect the isolation system used on the CD player, so now it hangs again. If the speakers are out of warrenty have you considered switching the posts to something better? This may improve the sound as well as give you more flexability and I would consider it to be an upgrade on an already good design.
I agree on the resale issue, hardly anybody likes bananas (I do, however). Also, I agree on the extra connection, especially if this adaptor is mostly brass (which I bet it is).
Lak & Dekay- I still have to use bananas at the speaker becuase Vandys have female banana receptacles, no binding post at all. Only question is whether to use spades with spade to banana adaptor or straight in with the banana. The straight in option is probably better sound wise, but the concern is the weight of the cable damaging the banana or the speaker receptacle. Thanks again.
Use bare connections and/or spades. Over the years I have found they work best!
Swampwalker: I am always confused as to why people use connecters at all. I use bare wire. I tried Kimber bananas on my Kimber wire and found that the bare connection sounded better. The only thing is that I have been told that they should be cleaned occasionaly which I just did after three months of use. I could not see any oxidation and they don't sound better after the cleaning but I feel better, I think. I also used Howard's Feed n Wax on the speaker cabinets while I was at it.