bananas or spades?

I'm shopping around for cables, lately, especially here on Audiogon. I noticed, that most cables come with spades instaed of bananas. I would prefer bananas, however, because I simply find it more convenient. Wondering, if there are any audible differences and if so, which connector type is the better one?
- Joern
There may be some audible differences between spade lugs and bananna plugs. My personal opinion on this subject is that you should go with the spades because they give you a superior mechanical connection to your amp and/or speaker. Good luck with your choice and happy listening.
I think the real thing to look for is a connector that fastens the best to your amp and speakers. Whether spade or something else, the connector should be soldered well, and then that solder joint should have a protective, air tight rubber shrink-wrap. Most audio stores will terminate the cable with any connector you want, but personally I like the spade connection.
You get what you pay for. If you buy "generic" banana's or spades, that's what you get. In other words, a good quality locking banana will give a more secure, lower resistance connection than a low grade, small sized spade. The reverse is also true. As such, good quality locking bananas are NOT cheap compared to a spade of the same quality. While bananas are more versatile, using even just a "decent" spade will typically beat just about any non-locking banana in terms of low resistance and contact area. Sean
I also feel that quality spades provide the best connection whenever convenient. If you decide to go bananas, I strongly suggest the locking variety. I am currently using Monster X-Terminator locking bananas with good results. Cost $25-$30 per pair.
I'll tell you what, though, spades are a pain in the butt. Although I would agree wholeheartedly with all of the above comments, I sometimes find myself longing for the convenience of bananna plugs nonetheless. However, being that I've got speakers with the binding posts on the bottom, they simply won't take bananas. Hence, my decision was made for me. (I assume you've got gear that will take either, but it may be worth at least consideraing that there are some speakers out there, Thiels for one, that will only take spades 'cause the designer has seen fit to put the posts on the underbelly). Ok, so my two cents aren't worth much, but there it is.
Try the bananas from Kimber Kable. Their basic banana as well as their expensive WBT banana are both great. They grip nice and tight and are still easy to remove. Better than any spade I've tried.

Stay away from the Monster crimp-on bananas and the Acoustic Research screw-on bananas.