Banana posts for Classe

My tri-wire speaker harness is terminated with WBT banana plugs to facilitate using a speaker selector box, which I use during summer only for outdoor speakers. During winter, I plug directly into my amp. I recently purchased a Classe DR25, which has large brass screws for speaker output posts. These are very nice for spades, but do not accomodate bananas. Does anyone know whether Classe makes a threaded screw insert with a female banana termination for that series of amps, or are there any aftermarket makers for something like that. I believe the thread is 1/4-20, but I did not check for sure. The hole the screw goes into is just slightly too large for the WBT's to fit snugly, even though they have the expanding plug end. Unfortunately, my rotel speaker selector box will not accomodate spades or I would simply reterminate my wires. As always, thanks for the help. - Tim
You might want to try the Cardas banana to spade adaptor.
I have a similar Classe amp and I simply replaced the bolt down post with new standard binding post.It's easy to do on these because if youv'e looked inside the output wiring is connected to the post via ring connector so no soldering is required,just slip the ring over the shaft of the new post and tighten.Cardas,Edison price,Vampire,WBT ect. all make excellent post that will fit right in the existing mounting hole.Check out
the sonic improvement also as those bolts are just graded steel and not very good conductors.You can also put the old ones back at any time to retain originality.
Thanks for the help Mar00, that is probably going to be the best solution for me. I think I will check out WBT since they would probably fit best with my WBT banana plugs. I was curious about your comment that the bolts are steel, since my appear to be brass and cleaned up like brass. - Tim
Hey Mitch your right they are brass.....My mistake and good luck.......Bob