banana connection types

Are there more than 1 size of banana cable? Because my banana cables (canare) don't fit in my speaker tightly (dcm time window)
Banana connectors vary in how tightly they fit, just as some RCA connectors fit more snugly than others.

The best way to resolve the issue is with WBT expanding bananas. Plug them in, turn the knob on the rear and the banana expands to a nearly gas tight fit inside.

The model numbers are WBT 0644 and WBT 0600, two quality levels, both lock and work well. Good luck.
Bananas, and binding posts, are not all machined to the same spec, so you can get variation.

I use the WBT locking bananas. They're a bit pricey but they're a one time investment. They're good for life. You can move them to other cables if you like. You just need to crimp some new sleeves on the cable they're being moved to.

An identical connector to the WBT is made by Furutech.

There's also a good, cheap banana made by J.A. Michell.

Finally, you can use bananas with spring tips like Eichmanns.

You can see all of these at:


I use Knukonceptz eKs BFA Banana Plugs with great results. Always has a snug fit. If you are on the budget, that's a great solution. Here is the link to their website.
I agree with Vitalik, I prefer the BFA plugs over the WBT. While they can't be cinched up as tight, I believe there's more surface area in contact, the fit snug in all binding posts, and they are cheaper (especially the Knuknceptz brand which are well made), easier to install, and lighter than WBT's.