Bamboo isolation better than maple?

I came across an interesting product for vibration damping etc. Bamboo? Anyone has any comments or experience with it? It's cheaper than Maple thats for sure, lol!
I made a set of amp stands from Bamboo cutting boards that I purchased from TJ Max. They are 2" thick, cost $19.95 each. These are very dense but not nearly as much so as Maple. Still, I'm very satisfied with the results and doubt very much that I'd notice any difference in sonics if they were Maple.
Laminated bamboo, like say cutting board products are starting to show up in the U.S. market from China and bamboo is about 18% harder than maple in a lamination. I have no idea where that puts the resonant frequency yet it may have possibilities. I have used a pair of 18x24x2.5 panels under my Atma-Sphere amps on the floor next to my speakers with BDR cones under them and so far so good. They have no sonic detriment compared to maple and are far more exotic in finish. The finish resembles old growth teak due to the bamboo sugars being caramelized during the pressurizing and heating process of lamination. Very nice indeed.

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Sure, go for it. I have my stands and MMF 7 turntable plinth made out of Bamboo - works for them from TJMax as well at huge savings on the ones that were demaged. Not an issue since I cut them to size and finish it all with Watco oil/stain products. Very good value and nice finish I may add.

Funny - I saw these bamboo cutting boards in Beth, Bath & Beyond and thought "damn, how would these sound?"

But I also realized they are probably not solid bamboo.
Emailists, all bamboo cutting boards I've seen are solid laminate of bamboo as they are either from China or state side folks promoting renewable resources. Bamboo grows in most any soil, grows fast, and is harder (and cheaper) than maple. I have bamboo in my backyard in Michigan. It survives the winters (semi-evergreen) and sends out new shoots each spring that grow fifteen to eighteen feet in one short summer. Every year I harvest some. It's great stuff.

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