Balancing a Linn Basik TT

Are the rubber feet on these tt's adjustable? How do others level their tt's?

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Hi there,

You can download the user manual from this link:

I set my mates one up but can't honestly remember - think basically you should make sure the shelf/table it's sat on is level then the three rubber feet/suspension grommets can be adjusted to level the toplate. You should try for the toplate flush with the top of the plinth on all sides.
If you have trouble, get back to me and I'll check out my mates Basik and be more precise.
Cheers Si
Hi there,
I'll try and get a look at my mates tommorow - have you taken of the toplate - I'm sure I finished p adjusting them from inside.
I know a Linn dealer, I will see if there is a 'workshop manual' and if so will get you a copy.
Hi there,
not forgotten - had the plumber in all day - seeing the Linn dealer tomorrow so should get some info for you.
I had a look today but didn't have time to take it apart. No joy on a dealers manual.
Have you tried adjusting them - I'm sure they can slightly alter the level of the toplate by varying the tightness.
Not huge amount but enough to level it within the plinth.
Sugest it would be easier to make a sub shelf with spikes for levelling rather than fooling with the feet on the deck.