Balanced XLR Interconnect DIY based on Zero-va

One of the members of Audiogon has created a new XLR interconnect based on the Zero-va Interconnect design concepts. From his comments it sounds like a giant killer.

You can find out the details by going to the following thread:

Look to one of the latest posts dated 03 July 2009.

I personally don't use XLRs but for those of you who sounds like it would be well worth the effort to try this one.

Great post!
really enjoyed reading it and the XLR does sound very interesting. I think i might have a try at making a pair!
Thanks again Rova for the info and link
Every single conductor WILL sound diff from others even if they are same size. Not to mention the significants such Silver vs copper, stranded VS solid core (we all know that! ok, I stop here!)
IMO,it's a trial & error process so don't just give up if failed. When you finally find one that was for you, it's priceless. Use that as a new reference set up and continue to work on up. I enjoy listening to 1 track repeatedly to hear differences in cabling. Long & hard enough that I think I can hear differences in less than .01%, seriously. Wife said I have great imagination.... It's a great hobby, isn't it?